March 10, 2010


by Saidksha Acharya. = )

The vast clouded skies darken,
Their burden falling in little droplets.
The tall trees have been shaken,
As the wind blows merciless.

The green grass turns yellow and burns.
While the once blooming flowers wither.
The deeps seas rise in their tsunamis,
And the earth cracks as lava rises,
Ashes travel in the blackened air.

Land becomes devoured by water,
And the cities sink,
The prosperous cities.

The scorched skies,
Their burden falling in acid rain.
Wild fires burning in forests;
Burnt leaves swinging back and forth.

It's not always a choice to decide,
When your own world is destroyed.
When there was everything to lose,
And nothing to gain.

Mutated humans,
In their liege.
Broken houses,
Unbreakable famine.

Violent wars
And hatred.


Sadiksha said...

thanks! = )

Dinesh Chandra Panthy said...

sadisha jee, poem is nice. Last month I watched two movies ie, 2012 and 2012 SUPERNOVA, which is the visual interpretation of your poem.
Nice.. keep it up.
I have one poem related to GLOBAL WARMING, I will publish on dautari later , which support your poem 'RADIATION'
- Dinesh

Nepalean said...

oh....scary! I wish it won't happen to us and we won't have to see what it is said in the peom.

But the peom is great, good subject and excellent narration. Keep it up Sadikshya ;)

Anonymous said...


MANU said...

What is that "t?" for?
BTW poem is excellent!

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