May 3, 2023

India's population set to surpass China's by mid of 2023

 Monsoon of 2023 will bring more than rain in 2023. As southwest Asia will be under cloud and wet weather, humans in that region will be the highest populated country in the world. 

India is on track to surpass China as the country with the largest population in the world by summer 2023, according to a new estimate by the United Nations. Data projections show India will have a population of 1.4286 billion by the middle of this year — about 2.9 million more than China, according to the U.N. Population Fund's (UNFPA) . China's population will stand at 1.4257 billion this summer.

India's population is expected to continue growing for the next three decades as China's decreases, widening the gap between the two most populous nations. The U.N.'s World Population Prospects report, released in July last year, projected that India's population will peak in 2050 at 1.668 billion, far exceeding China's, which the report said would likely sit around 1.3 billion in that year.

In 1950, India was home to some 861 million people, while China had a population of 1.144 billion, highlighting how rapidly India has grown over the last seven decades.