January 10, 2024

2023 what people searched in the internet?

 Key stats about the most searched keywords worldwide:

  • YouTube beats Facebook to the top spot as the most searched word on Google with 3bn total searches vs 2.2bn, respectively
  • Unsurprisingly, ChatGPT was only just getting started at the end of 2022, and has subsequently jumped from 64th to the 17th most searched term worldwide
  • In the world of sports, NBA is the most popular at number 11 with 915 million total searches, followed by the Premier League at 19 and NFL at 32
  • Of the top 10 Google searches, four lead to Google-owned sites: YouTube, Google Translate (x2 searches), and Gmail
  • Google applications in general litter the top 100, including Google Maps (20), Google Docs (66) Google Drive (84) and Google Flights (86)
  • Gmail narrowly makes the top 10 with 700.7m searches since January 2023. Other email providers then battle it out with ‘hotmail’ at 22nd and ‘yahoo mail’ in 31st place (more popular than ‘yahoo’ itself at 34th)
  • Three of the top 20 searches lead to social media giant Facebook (Meta): Facebook in 2nd place, and WhatsApp Web and Instagram at 10th and 12th place
  • Amazon unsurprisingly dominates the ecomm arena at number 5, with Ebay at 36 and Shein at 46