January 31, 2008

स्वस्थानी अध्याय:१०

Swasthani 10 - Twango
फाइल डाउनलोड गर्न यो लिन्कमा जानुहोला, यो लिन्क ३दिन सम्ममात्रै काम गर्नेछ
कृपया सुनिसकेपछी कमेन्ट लेख्नुहोला, कस्तो सुनियो भन्ने थाहा हुनेछ।
- सानदाई

Is your internet slow?

Is your internet slow? Do you have difficulty to have communication with Asia? Do you expected something from India or you are trying to get India network? I faced the same problem. I was trying to get India network and never worked out. I though that was our network problem.
Don't worry its not your network problem. Undersea cable has been cut in Egypt and France by ship. One cable was damaged near Alexandria, Egypt and the other in the waters off Marseille in France. The two cables, which are separately managed and operated, were damaged within hours of each other. Damage to undersea cables, while rare , can result from movement of geologic faults or possibly frm the dragging anchor of a ship. This cut was done by ship. In 2006, nine cubmarine cables were cut between Taiwan and Philipinnes due to earthwake.
In Egypt, only 40% of internet is available. But east Asian countries including India too is affected by this cable cut. Infact more than 95 percent of transoceanic telecoms and data traffic are carried by submarine cables, and the rest by satellite. A single pair of optical fiber strands can now carry digitized information equivalent to 150 million simultaneous phone calls.