April 16, 2009

Unemployed Susan got instant hit

Susan Boyle, single lady from a small Scottish village in her 40s appeared in a British reality TV. Reality shows are to mock people and rock people. Weak performers are bashed by everyone. They laugh at them,demoralize them and let them go. Better performers are allowed to participate again and finally one performer becomes a star. Reality shows entice people as in Wrestling and make their buck. Neither wrestling is fair nor reality show. General perception is both are real.

This time it happened differently. Neither married, nor kissed lady became a star just after the first appearance. Hold on! If you think ITV made her popular that's completely wrong. She got million viewers hit on overnight. After a couple of days, not only viewers crossed in hundred of millions, she was interviewed by half a dozen TV channels. CNN has got her interview today and she is soon appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Just last week, she had only one friend her cat pebbles. Now not only media mogul is companion this unemployed lady, bloggers, TV viewers and marketers are after her. When she first appeared on the stage, viewers started making fun of her unassuming-look. This happens in real life. Every one screws-up a weaker person. After her stirring song " I Dreamed a Dream", she received standing ovation. People always worship strength. Just from a couple of minutes show we can see how fake is the world. After all her dream came true. Fans have already made her website susan-boyle.com . Also you can follow her in twitter http://twitter.com/susanboyle140
Watch the you tube clip and find how skeptical looks got stunned.

गाउँखाने कथा - ११ (Nepali Gau Khane Katha)

अपडेट: गाउँखाने कथा १० को उत्तर नेपाल हो र गाउँखाने कथा ११ को उत्तर कसौडी बसालेको हो।
गाउँखाने कथा १० को उत्तर मिलाउने मिलन जी र गाउँखाने कथा ११ को उत्तर मिलाउने लुनाजीलाइ धेरै धेरै बधाइ। तपाइहरुले आफ्नो मनपर्ने गाउं माग्नुहोला।
ठाक्सेठोक्से ठोक्राभरि काण,
त्यसमाथि बस्यो गजदेउ सांढ। उत्तर बतानुहोस,गाउं लैजानुहोस।


हस्त गौतम
हाँसु भने खुशी रित्तियो
रोउँ भने आँसु सिद्धियो
निर्स मेरो यो जिन्दगीमा॥
उड्ने मन्को प्वाँखै काटियो
हाँसो संग आँशू साटियो
आज मेरो यो जिन्दगीमा॥
चिरा चिरा पारी यो मुटु
छिया छिया पारी सपना
धोका दिइ कोही गैदियो॥
अन्तर मन्को नाता तोडेर
दुनियाँमा एक्लो छोडेर
आफनै छायाँ वैरी भैदयो॥
न खायको विष लाग्यो नि
भय जति सुख भाग्यो नि
दुखि मेरो यो जिन्दगीमा॥
उड्ने मन्को प्वाँखै काटियो
हाँसो संग आशू साटियो
आज मेरो यो जिन्दगीमा॥
भताभुंग भय चाहाना
लथालिंग भय योजना
खानु सम्म धोका खाएर ।।
अध्यारो भो पुरा जिवन
निरस भो मेरो संसार
अलछिनी कोही आयर॥
माया गर्ने बहानामा
सकुनिको पासो थापेनी
दुखि मेरो यो जिन्दगीमा॥