May 10, 2010

भविष्यबाणी सफल भयो - गुरु केदार बराल


bisham thakuri

I was born in Manshir 27, 2038, in Okhaldunga, Pokali. I still remember I was taken away by Lord Shiva’s assistant “Ban Jhakri” while I was of seven. I was in an unconscious state then. When I woke up, I found myself in a cascade. I was kept and trained on shamanism “dhami/jhakri”, spiritual connections, prediction, and spells for a year and then the Lord Shiva’s Assistant “ban jhakri” took me back to the same place from where he picked me a year back. After meeting my parents I came to know they tried to search me and after a while they thought I might have been dead and then they held my funeral as well. From this point of time I started working as a shaman “dhami/jhakri”.