October 23, 2007

दशैंको शुभकामना कस्ता कस्ता

- चना
दशै लगभग सकियो, तर फाट्टफुट्ट शुभकामना आउदै छ । दिक्क लागेर हो कि ब्यस्त भएर हो, यो वर्ष इमेलबाट शुभकामना पठाउने काम बहिष्कार पो गरिएछ । धेरैले शायद यो बर्ष चनाले शुभकामना इमेल पठाएन भनेर हेक्का राख्ने फुर्सदै पाएन होलान । तर थोरैले ठाने होलान दौतरीमा लेख्न थालेदेखुन चनाको भावै बढ्या छ, दशैमा ग्रीट नि गर्दैन साले । दशैको शुभकामना पठाउनु पर्छ भन्ने नसोचेको त हैन, तर यताउता फत्र्याकफुत्रुक गर्दा गर्दै अष्टमि लागीसकेछ, त्यसपछि त के शुभकामना दिनु जस्तो लाग्यो । उसैपनि सप्तमि पछि लगभग सबै अफिस बिदा हुन्छ नेपालमा । बिदेशतिर पनि मिलुञ्जेल मिला'र दशै मनाउने चलन शुरु भा'छ । दशैको चटारो सक्केपछि भएभरका इमेल खोलेर हेर्दा पो देखें - निकै धेरै शुभकामनाहरु चाङ लागीराखेका । २० बर्ष पहिला छुट्टिएका लंगुटिया यार देखिन अस्ति भर्खर चुनावताका बाँडिएका इमेलमा देखेका नामहरु समेत happy vijaya dashami भन्न लाइन कसेर बसेका थिए ।

शुभकामना थरी थरीका थिए, अल्छि लाग्दो ३ शब्द देखुन लिएर हप्तौ लगा'र आफैले बनाको पोष्टकार्ड, पारीवारीक फोटो देखुन लिएर भगवानका तस्वीर समेत, थरी थरीका इ‍-ग्रीटिङ कार्ड देखुन लिएर कवितात्मक संदेश, संस्कृतभाषाको श्लोक देखुन लिएर राजनीतिक उपदेश समेत अनेक थिए । तर निकै थोरै संदेशमा प्रत्यक्ष वादविवाद देखे मैले । नेपालबाट इञ्जिनियर बनेकाहरुको मेलिङ लिस्टमा भने दशैको शुभकामना नेताहरुको सदबुद्धी पलाओस भन्ने आशयको थियो । त्यस उपदेशले केहि चरण वादविवाद समेत गरायो, जुन मलाइ चाखलाग्दो लाग्यो । आज मैले त्यहि वादविवाद उठाएर यहाँ ल्याएँ । केहि ब्यक्तिगत प्रसंग र शब्द चयनमा सामान्य काटकुट गरेर प्रस्तूत गरेको छु । पढेर प्रतिक्रिया लेख्न नभुल्नुहोला है ।

b gurung (2050) wrote:

Dear Alumni,
Best Wishes on the auspicious occassion of Happy Vijaya Dashami - 2064.
May this festival may give "Sadbuddhi" to all political leaders and bring lasting peace in the country.
Warm Regards, > B Gurung> General Secretary, IOEAA

T Lamsal (2051) wrote:

Well said, That's what our Leaders need. Happy Vijaya Dashami to you and all Alumni of IOE.

RC Poudel (2052) wrote:

Who is leader? My concern is on use of specific term..What exactly the "leader" mean on that... I have seen so many leaders or would be leaders of Nepal with in this group too.I prefer, at least engineer group like us, not use such a abstract term in future ( use only well defined term or define on the statement).Any comment, feel free to argue on my email not in group email. Happy Dashain 2064!

T Lamsal (2051) wrote:

It was referred for the political leaders. Isn’t it clear on the text? I thought, it was.
Because...having signed the agreement last year for Constitutional Assembly election, where are we now? Why can n’t the leaders agree on an election even after a year long discussion. What they really want?

They are not willing to go beyond the party politics. Even after becoming unsuccessful on calling the election on stipulated date, no one seems to be willing to offer a resignation from the government. Therefore, it was right to say that the political leaders need ‘Sadbuddhi’. And I hope Durga Bhawani will provide them this Dashain.

If anyone from us (engineers) wants to become a Political Leader, as I gather from my memory, Some of us were among them - Lets Go ahead, and rest of us will stand behind in support. We engineers don’t need ‘Sadbuddhi’ as I believe we already have much of it. It’s only the matter of skill to utilise it, for the great cause of national interest.

b gurung (2050) wrote:

I think this is not a right moment to have more disputes among us. I suppose my words and sentence are very clear to everybody and are not abstract.

We do not need be afraid with the words, like 'leaders'. We know a nepali's sentiments and worries for very serious and dangerous condition of Nepal. Further, we nepalese engineers are not free from the effect of any political decisions, actions & turmoils in the country. We are not landed here from 'Mangal Graha' or any other developed countries. We belongs to, and many of us are living & working in this politically unstable country. We should never think that we are beyond the common citizen or we will not be affected.

The term 'Sadbuddhi' is meant to reflect mutual cooperations and understandings among leaders of the various political parties for the fair election of "CA" as early as possible and then move forward for betterment of the country. Of course, we engineers and engineering societies at large will get the chunk of advantage first once our country comes in track of piece and progress. I wish 'Durga Mata' bless this for us!

t limbu (2051) wrote:

Here we go again...Leaders?
Whether we have something to do with CA or CA has something to do with us, either time will tell or CA will tell us.we know already or for that matter, we better know it now , before it is too late.However when it comes to leaders, our friends focussed explicitly on political leaders, very important, as usual. For me, however, leaders means every type of leaders, be it leaders of engineers, coolies, workers, or whatever professional gropups.

There are already sufficient examples which shows that the leaders of these professional groups can influence the political leaders negatively or positively.Therefore, sadhbuddhi goes for all not just for political leaders.

And when we discuss we rather discuss in an open forum like this that avails everybody rather than discuss in a requested so called private "kothe" mail.
Durga mata does nothing. Either we do it or we dont't do it.
Sadhbuddhi not only for political leaders but for every type of leaders.

पढेर प्रतिक्रिया लेख्न नभुल्नुहोला है । (केहि प्रतिक्रिया नभए - मैले पनि पढें - मात्रै भए नि लेख्नुहोला है त बन्धुहरु ।)

दौतारी सर्भर

साथी भाइसगैको जमर्कोले दौतारीको संगालोमा बाधिएको करिब २ साता बितेछ।यती समयमा २५-३० वटा लेख पस्किसकिएछ। उल्लेखनिय नै लाग्यो,हैन र ?यता बेव साइटमा रंग रोगन पोत्ने काम पनि धेरै गरियो। सुरुमा राखेको लोगो र अहिलेको लोगो आकाश जमिनकै फरक जस्तो लाग्दछ। सबै दौतरीको सहयोगको धेरै नै प्रशंसा गर्दछु।

Sale को मौका पारेर किनेको http://www.dautari.org,%20www.dautari.blogspot.com/तर www.dautari.blogspot.com/ मै समय बित्यो।तर यसको खासै उपयोग गर्न सकिएको थिएन,आज चाही यता उता गरेर त्यसको थान्को लगाएको छु। २४ घन्टा लाग्छ रे यसको असर देखिन,त्यस पछि http://www.dautari.org/ ले राम्रोसंग काम गर्छ होला। दशैले हो कि,लेखहरु यो साता त्यती थपिएन। हुन त भर्खर बामे सर्दै छौ,दौडनको लागी समय पक्कै लाग्ला तर एक हप्तामा ७-८ सयपटक झुल्किन भ्याएछ दौतारीले। उता sajha.com मा चाही औसी लागेको लागै भयो, dautar.org को सेन्सर हटाउन सकिएन। तर पनि सेन्सरमा प्वाल हुदा त्यसको उपयोग गरेको छु - कारण दौतारीको जानकारी त सबैलाइ दिनु पर्यो होइन र ? पुराना तथा नया दौतारी भएर दौड जारी नै राख्दछौ,दौतरीमा सामेल भएर हौसला दिंदै गर्नु होला।