September 30, 2015

A letter to Indian People & Intellectuals

Dear Friends,

Probably, you all are aware of the blockade imposed by India to Nepal. It’s a blockade by a largest democratic country to the forever sovereign, free & youngest democratic republic country; it’s a blockade by an emerging giant to a landlocked country; it’s a blockade by one to another who are destined to be same from many aspects; it’s a blockade of one to another who are forever nearest & dearest; shockingly, it’s a blockade of humanity, it’s a blockade of right to live.

The Indian action is just came in front after we promulgated our long awaited constitution from the constitution assembly with the vote of 91 percent members. It is really historic, nowhere in the world the constitution was promulgated with such a big vote from people’s representative. Being a neighbor, India was expected first to welcome our decision, but there is opposite. Due to the current unrighteous action, taking account of purely internal matter, almost all Nepalese are facing difficulties, so many industries are about to close, so many schools, colleges, hospitals are facing problems, so many public service centers are facing complications, so many child and women are suffering.  Being born to smile, Nepalese people are still smiling and facing the challenges as well as giving strength to the government not to back from the decision of more than 90 percent people’s representative.

In our history, we never doubted the largest democratic country, our closest neighbor, member of our own family and never expected such an inhumane action. Probably our mistakes were, we always respected & valued the Indian culture, believed its philosophical base, supported the Indian position & felt proud of its economic emergence as regional power center. Beyond the formal diplomatic relation, we are connected by informal, heart to heart, cultural & blood relation, we were one before few millennia. Respecting our multidimensional relations, we made our tongue resemble to the Indian tongue; we made our taste resemble to Indian taste, we made our sentiment resemble to Indian sentiment, we made our art of living resemble to Indian way of living. Respecting our long and sentimental resemblance, we never gave the importance of trade route on our northern border, and now we come to conclusion that we did a mistake, that was the greatest mistake.

Dear intellectuals, the value of freedom is same for all, no matter a small country or big; no matter a poor country or rich; no matter a famine country or resourceful. We should respect each other, give importance to one another culture and extend the global fraternity because every tiny action ultimately align to the humanity.

In each country, there are numerous internal issues and only that particular country is responsible to settle down its own. In extreme case, if a country asks for international support, then only the other country can extend its interest at the cost of humanity. A sovereign country should not establish a special relation to a particular community of another sovereign country, instead it should be a country to another country as a whole.  It’s a surprising that why India, being such a big & democratic country, interfering the purely internal matter of our country and coming to the extreme inhumane action of blockade.

The current world is highly interconnected, even a big & rich country should depend upon the small & underdeveloped country. In such a reality, think of the interconnection of landlocked countries and its dependencies of the trade route with the neighbors. We all know the petroleum products and cooking gas are the basic needs around the world, even India is rely on the other importer as petroleum products are not its original products. What a shame! Being such an emerging country to block such basic goods to neighboring landlocked country without a major issue.

Dear Friends, our sovereignty & freedom are more valuable than our blood, it is even a pride of south Asia. Even the British Empire who almost conquered the world, tried to peril our sovereignty many times but failed. We respect our people’s aspiration and can solve our problem ourselves. Please convey our message to your leaders, bureaucrats, diplomats and all other stakeholders that Nepalese people are ready to face any imposed calamities but never surrender to risk their sovereignty. Your diplomacy is failing in Nepal. Anti-Indian sentiment is spreading in an unprecedented scale and the world is seeing after your mentality probably you acquired from British Empire.

As the citizen of interconnected world, we should practice to respect neighbors, value the humanity, and expand the global fraternity and most importantly the human right of free living & movement. Why Indian intellectuals are silent in such a crucial time? Why the Indian people, educated from a broad and a holy tradition, are silent on such extreme time? Why the Indian Saints, who are educating love, fraternity & human values around the world, are silent in such situation? Why not you pressure your government to follow the international treaty of trade route and protect the right of landlocked country? Our people fought for your freedom, for your security, for your prosperity and for your identity. In return you paid with dominance, blockade and threat our right to self-decision. You are the descendent of holy masters of oldest human philosophy, you are the grandson, daughter of many enlightened Gurus, and you are the true student & follower of Mahatma Gandhi. Oh! Why you are still silent dear Indian people?  How your country can be a permanent member of UN Security Council with such a tiny mentality?  Still why Indian intellectuals are silent, my dear friends?

From the commoners, we can’t see the further deterioration of situation and further defamation of Indian foreign policy, we are only the country being happy from our core with Indian emergence, and we are only the country to value Indian interest in international arena because we are long connected from the heart. So, let your real politician decide the relationship with Nepal, Let your culturist and sociologist suggest the relationship with Nepal, let your enlightened masters advise the relationship with Nepal but strictly, let not your gang of over smart bureaucrats and intelligence dominate & play with our long, holy and people to people relation as our relation is not mentioned in any laws and policies, it is even can’t be rationalized from our general understanding but surely, it is built-in in our heart.

You are the only people who can stop the further humiliation of millions of Nepalese, and millions of Indian Nepalese residing in India.

Expecting your serious interest and role.

Thanking you.

-Dinesh Chandra Panthy,
 September-30, 2015

May 13, 2015

Can scientists predict earthquakes?

No, and it is unlikely they will ever be able to predict them. Scientists have tried many different ways of predicting earthquakes, but none have been successful. On any particular fault, scientists know there will be another earthquake sometime in the future, but they have no way of telling when it will happen. (Source:

भूकम्पले सिथील बनाएको नेपालीलाई धेरै ज्ञानी अज्ञानी ब्यक्तीले खबर, समाजीक संजाल, संचार आदीबाट भूकम्पको ज्ञान बाडिरहेका छन। ति मद्दे खतरनाक बुद्दीजीबी हुन फेरी ठूलो भूइंचालो यता अथवा उता आउंदैछ भन्नेहरु। पानी, हुरी जसरी भूइचालो पूर्वअनुमान गर्न सकिदैन र भूकम्पको हावा गफ दिने बुद्दीजिबीबाट टाढै बस्नुहोला।

 भूकम्पबाट जोगीने एउटै उपाय हो भूकम्प आउंदा सुरक्षित ठाउमा ओत लिने।

April 28, 2015

Nepal Earthquake: many ways to help!

You can help the earthquake victims in Nepal by donating fund to various organization given below.
To donate directly to the particular organization, please click this here.
Please share this post with others and encourage them to donate to the Nepal's earthquake victims.
#HelpNepal  #HelpEarthquakevictims

Goal of these voluntary organizations:

UNICEF: UNICEF provides humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in developing countries.
Internal Medical Corps: Internal Medical Corps works to relieve the suffering to those impacted by war, natural disaster and disease by delivering vital health care services.
Doctors Without Borders: Doctors Without Borders treats people where the need is greatest.
Red Cross Society: Red Cross works to protect human life and health.
United Nations World Food Programme (WFP): WFP is the world's largest humanitarian agency fighting for hunger.
Save the Children: Save the Children invests in childhood - everyday, in time of crisis and for the future.
Oxfam: Oxfam works to create lasting solutions to poverty, hunger and injustice.

This support page is prepared by Nepali Blog Dautari (

April 26, 2015

भूकम्पका प्रश्न #Nepal's Earthquake

सर्वप्रथम त भूकम्पमा ज्यान गुमाउने देशबासीप्रती हार्दीक श्रद्दान्जली।

भूकम्प आयो गयो। क्षती धेरै भयो, केही थाहा भयो केही थाहा हुन बांकी छ। मान्छे मरे, घर भत्कीए, बाटो चिरीए। किन यती क्षती? क्षती हटाउन सकिन्थ्यो की? भूकम्प निर्मुल नै पार्न सकिन्थ्यो की?
नेपालको धरोहर धरहरा भत्कीयो, यस्लाई बचाउन सकिन्थ्यो की?

मरेका मान्छेलाइ त जलाउने, घाइतेलाई कसरी उपचार गर्ने? त्यो भन्दा ठुलो प्रश्न भत्कीएका संरचना कहिले बनाउने? के अब धरहरा फेरी ठडिएला? कती अग्लो थियो, कसरी बनेको थियो? प्रश्न धेरै छन, उत्तर मात्र शुन्य।

करीब ८ रेक्टर स्केलको भूकम्प आयो, त्यो भन्दा ठुलो भूकम्प मिडीया र फेसबुकले ल्याए। भूकम्प पछी स-सना भूकम्प आएका आएै छन। अनगिन्ती भूकम्पले भयभित नेपाली मनमा कसरी मलम लाग्ला?
नेपाल भूकम्पको रेखामै पर्छ। यो थाहा भएकै कुरा हो। तर यो भूकम्पले किन यती भय ल्यायो?
नेपालमा भूक्मप त आइनै राख्छ। सायद यो शताब्दीमा यती ठुलो आएकै थिएन। नेपाल भूकम्पको रेखै माथी पर्छ। पटक पटक भूकम्प आउनूको सट्टा एकै पटक आउंदा ठुलो क्षती हुन्छ, सायद नेपालमा त्यही भएको हो की?

हजुर प्रश्न धेरै छन, उत्तर कमै छन। प्रश्न माथी प्रश्न थुपार्दा उत्तर हराएको पत्तो नै भएन। तर अब के त? एक बर्षमा यो भुकम्पले नेपाललाई कता पुर्याउला? नेपाल पूरानै स्थानमा फर्किएला की अझ थला पर्ला?
गोलमेच सम्मेलन, संबिधान सभा, लोकतन्त्र, गणतन्त्र, संघियता आदीले देश थला परेको छ। अब यो माहा-भूकम्पले देशलाई कती थलो पार्ने हो?
यो बिपत्तीमा सहयोगका हात निकै फैलिएका छन। हरेक देश, संस्थाबाट सयोग नेपाल ओइरेका छन्। ती सहयोग काठमान्डौमै थन्किनेहो की गोरखाको बा्र्पाक सम्म पूग्ने हो?

प्रश्न धेरै, उत्तर कम, प्राय बिध्धार्थीको एस.एल.सी उत्तर पूस्तीका जस्तै छ। नेपालीको कर्म अधीकांश तेस्रो श्रेणीमा उत्रीन्छन, त्यस्तै छ नेपालको अबस्था। यो भूकम्पले श्रेणी अझ खसाल्ने हो की? चौथो श्रेणी छैन। भए नेपालका नेताले नेपाललाई चौथो श्रेणीमै थन्काउथे।

भन्छन आगोले पोले पछी छोरो सप्रन्छ। आउने जाने ढोका बन्द भए नया ढोका भेटीन्छ। रात सकिए पछी नया बिहानी उदाउंछ। बिपत्तीले तहस नहस पारेको प्रकीतीमा सुन्दर आकिर्ती देखीन्छ। त्यस्तै बनोस यो नेपालको बिपत्ती।

 नेपालले नेपालीको माया पाइरहोस!

April 1, 2015

फोटो आंफै बोल्छ

सिरीयामा पत्रकारले टेलिस्कोपीक क्यामाराले फोटो खिच्दा ४ बर्षे बालीकाले हतियार ठानेर आत्मसमर्पण गरेको तस्बीर आंफै बोल्छ।

March 21, 2015

चिट चोर्ने त यसरी

कसरी पास भयो भन्ने होइन की पास भयो की भएन, त्यसमा मतलब छ। अझै फस्ट डिभीजन आयो भने त सुनमा सुगन्धनै भयो नी ?

 पटनामा मेट्रीक परिक्षा चलीरहंदा आफन्तलाई चिट चोराउन गरिएको प्रयास यो एउटा नमुना मात्र हो। एपीले यो फोटो उपलब्ध गराए पनि भारतका केही टिभी च्यानलले भिडीयो नै प्रसारण गरेका थिए। यो फोटोले पटनामा मात्र होइन विश्वभरी नै हल्ला खल्ला मच्चाएको छ। एपीका अनुसार एकै दिनमा ६०० बिध्धार्थी निस्कासीत भएका छन। अब ति निस्कासीत बिध्धार्थीलाई पून परिक्षा दिन ३ बर्ष रोक्का या जेलै चलान पनि गर्ने सकिने छ।

नेपालमा पनि देशै भरी एस एल सी परिक्षा सुरू भएको छ। कुनै परिक्षा केन्द्रबाट केही बोरा किताब बरामद भएको खबर आएको छ। तर यती बिध्न संसारै हल्लाउने गरी समाचार भने आएको छैन। तर नेपालमा परिक्षाको प्रश्नपत्र पहिल्लै बाहिर ल्याउने, चिट चोराउने अथवा अर्काको नाममा परिक्षा दिने रोग सबैले जानेकै हो।

 संसारै चकित बने पनि नियम कानुनको धज्जी उडाउने ठाउंमा यस्ता खाले खबर के नै खबर बन्ला र?

March 7, 2015

गरीबको घरमा जन्मेर गरिबीमा बालापन बिताएर मात्र ती चेलीहरुको सजाय सकिदैन, पशू सरह बिदेशमा बेचीनु पनि पर्दछ

काम र अध्यनले गर्दा समाचार, ब्लग, फेसबुक आदी बाट टाढा भएको थिएं। यतीकैमा नागरीकमा प्रकासित चिनमा नेपाली बेचिएको खबरमा आंखा पूगे। ( हेर्नुहोस ‘१५ लाखमा किनेर बिहे गरेको रहेछ' ) केही नलेखी मनै मानेन।

एसिएन मूलकमा छोरी भन्दा छोराको इच्छा बढी हुने हुंदा चीनमा केटाको संख्या केटी भन्दा निकै बढी छ।चीनको तथ्यांकले भन्छ  १०० जना छोरी जन्मदा १२० छोरा जम्मन्छन। ती केटा बालकलाई संगी भेटाउन हम्मे पर्ने कुरा ८-१० बर्ष पहिले नै आंकलन गरिएको थियो। खबर पढ्दा हो र, होइन होला जस्तो लाग्दथ्यो। तर अहिले नेपाली चेली नै चिनमा लिलाम भएको देख्दा हो त रहेछ भन्ने लाग्यो।

एक बर्ष पहिले चिनको आसपास घुम्ने मौका मिलेको थियो। भियतनाम हुंदा एउटा खबर पढेको थिएं, कम्बोडियाको गाउंबाट केटीहरु जबरजस्ती चिनमा लगेर बेहुलीको रुपमा बेचिन्छ। गरीब र कम पढाइभएका तथा चिनीया भाषा नआउने गाउंका कम्बोडियन केटी त्यसरी बेचिएको खबर पढ्दा नेपालको गाउंबाट भारतमा बेचीएको नेपाली केटीहरुको याद आयो। आफ्नै लोग्ने या आफन्तले केटीहरुलाई नेपालबाट भारत लगेको कथा जस्ता पिडादायिक छन, उस्तै कम्बोडीयाका केटीहरु चिनमा लगेर बेचीएका कथा पिडादायिक छन। सोचें गरीबको घरमा जन्मेर गरिबीमा बालापन बिताएर मात्र ती चेलीहरुको सजाय सकिदैन, पशू सरह बिदेशमा बेचीनु पनि पर्दछ।

सोच्छु गरिबीले नेपालीलाई कती सताएको छ। भारतको आछामको घांसबारी देखी अरबको धुलोसम्म नेपालीको पसिना पोखिएको छ। आधुनीक मलाया बनेका छन जापान र अमेरीका। मिठो सपना बुनेर परदेश हेलिने नेपालीको दुःखको यात्रा काठमान्डूको एयरपोर्टबाटै सुरु हुन्छ। यो कुरा बिदेश जाने हरेकले बुझेका छन। तर बेदेशको जागिरको सपनमा नेपाली चेलीहरुमा अर्को बिष पोखिएको छ " नगदमा खरिद बिक्री"।

मानिसलाई किन बेच गर्न संसारको कुनै पनि देशमा पाइदैन। राजनिती र गरिबीले रुमलिएको नेपालमा त्यसको रोक तोक कस्ले गर्ने? गरिबसंग पनि त सपना हुन्छ। आफ्नो परिबारले पेटभरी खान र एकसरो राम्रो लुगा लगाएको हेर्ने इच्छा कस्लाइ हुंदैन? यस्तै इच्छा र मायाको भुमरीमा नेपाली चेलीहरु अब भ्रिकुटीको मुलुकमा बेचिंदै छन। नागरीकमा छापिएको कथा एउटा अंश मात्र हो, यसले अझै कती सताउने हो। भन्छन बुढी मरी भनेर नरुनु काल पल्कियो भनेर रुनु। हामी सबै प्राथना गरौं यस्तो काल नेपालमा कहिल्यै नपल्कियोस।