September 30, 2015

A letter to Indian People & Intellectuals

Dear Friends,

Probably, you all are aware of the blockade imposed by India to Nepal. It’s a blockade by a largest democratic country to the forever sovereign, free & youngest democratic republic country; it’s a blockade by an emerging giant to a landlocked country; it’s a blockade by one to another who are destined to be same from many aspects; it’s a blockade of one to another who are forever nearest & dearest; shockingly, it’s a blockade of humanity, it’s a blockade of right to live.

The Indian action is just came in front after we promulgated our long awaited constitution from the constitution assembly with the vote of 91 percent members. It is really historic, nowhere in the world the constitution was promulgated with such a big vote from people’s representative. Being a neighbor, India was expected first to welcome our decision, but there is opposite. Due to the current unrighteous action, taking account of purely internal matter, almost all Nepalese are facing difficulties, so many industries are about to close, so many schools, colleges, hospitals are facing problems, so many public service centers are facing complications, so many child and women are suffering.  Being born to smile, Nepalese people are still smiling and facing the challenges as well as giving strength to the government not to back from the decision of more than 90 percent people’s representative.