March 4, 2024

प्रचण्ड र ओली २-२ वर्ष प्रधानमन्त्री बन्ने

Mount Everest is turning into the garbage dumping site

Mount Everest  (सगरमाथा) the tallest mountain in the world is in Nepal. 
Its official elevation (snow height) is 8,848.86 meters (29,031.7 feet).

There are two main climbing routes: Southeast Ridge (Nepal): Known as the “standard route,” it approaches the summit from the southeast in Nepal.

North Ridge (Tibet): This route approaches the summit from the north in Tibet.

Climbing to the top  is one of the greatest challenges on Earth. 

But climbers are now creating an even bigger challenge for those who have to clean up after them as Mount Everest risks becoming the world's highest garbage dump.   

Experts estimate that there could be as much as 50 tonnes of rubbish left on the mountain, while Everest Base Camp churns out 75 tonnes of garbage every season.

West problem has reached the epic of the problem now climbers ascending Mount Everest will be expected to collect their poop in doggy bags and carry their waste back to base camp, according to new regulations from local officials as they attempt to address a long-festering littering problem on the world’s tallest peak. Now, climbers will be given the bags at base camp and expected to carry the bags back down at the end of the journey. Now we hope this will end the Mount Everest Stinking Problem!

Photo: Dailymail