January 3, 2008

For God's sake ACC, you can’t do this to us.

I am so pissed with ACC. I can’t believe this happened to us. This is a month old story but anger is brimming inside me and it is something every patriot Nepali should know. It’s about cricket. We were the defending champion and the host for the under-15 Asian cricket championship, but we were perfidiously kicked out of the tournament by Asian Cricket Council saying we used aged players. It’s a great shame for cricketing community in Nepal for two reasons. First, we were not the only team to pull that feat. Damn, we missed that chance. It is sad that we didn’t make the headlines. Second, how could this happen to us and how can they even think we could deliberately do something like that?

The reason was even stupid than the decision. Everybody knows that we are good in fighting; we are not good in math. Though, it wasn’t all wrong. They were all 15. It’s just that some were 15 yrs 36 months, some were 15 yrs 72 months and Cricinfo reported that some were 15 yrs and 108 months. I don’t know why ACC didn’t consider the poor computing facility before kicking us out.

For God's sake ACC, we just did that first time. Everybody does some mistakes once in a while. You just can’t expel us. It’s not that we don’t have good cricketers at very young age. Look at our national captain, Binod Das. He is an awesome cricketer. He played the first ACC tournament for Nepal in 1994. And guess what, he was playing under-19s up till 2000’s. Similarly Shakti Gauchan, Paras Khadka and you name any of the top cream; they all started their career so early that even Sachin Tendulkar wonders sometime. Do you know that fast and the furious Raj Shrestha? He is remarkable too. He was playing under 15 when his class mates were studying grade 12. And Guess what he is now in under-19 side after 6 yrs of playing under-15 and under-17. Aren’t they all splendid cricketers? How can you forget them??

Nepal has the history of producing cricketers in such a tender age. Children over here are remarkably facile with bat and ball in a small age. The only problem with the players is the personal finance. They have to retire in 22-23. Perhaps, it is the reason for not having a good senior side. ACC should try to provide good income to these players rather than to probe into their personal matter, who historically always have excelled in a younger age.?

And if you want us to make the headlines; then why the heck, other teams were disqualified too. Either it should be only us or nothing should have happened. And guess what, who took that trophy? One kiddo from Singapore who doesn’t even have a freaking moustache and it’s a male competition, for heaven’s sake…….