November 30, 2007


Presenting interesting things in proper manner, it is always a challenge for every kind of presentation. It doesn't limit to personal blog either. But if you glance medias who focus Nepalese people, even national media has presented poorly. Either they think whatever they publish that is the most important news for the country since they are media tycon or no one knows where is the hole. If you try to cover that hole, you will disapper some where in the ditch but with no surprise you will see comments published "phalanko anka nikai akarsak lagyo, paddna payeko ma dherai nai abhari chhu ..bla ..bla..bla". We have gone quite far from 2007 B.S but you can found its leaves and stems around the air quite easily. People still run for the cover, they don't think what is inside the book. I have seen people with mobile and laptop passed easily from the army check point but harke and kale were suffered heavily. Whatever tantra Netas are demanding in the name of public, aroma is same - "BAKSIYOS" for elite class and "OYE" for lower level public. Still people are dragging this cultre bluntly.One of the Kantipur reporter couldn't found scientific name of "dar - Boehmeria regulusa" so he reported there is not even a scientific name for dar ( a tree used to make wooden appliances). If you make a close look in most of the articles, you will notice such illustrations million of times. They are running well and making good money, good for them but they are representing Nepalese media badly.I recently visited a Nepali popular blog. It was about olympic game stating one of the guy to participate in the coming olympic is second in the history. Don't we have medals from the olympic? Even Baikuntha Manandhar has participitated several times in olympics. What an info? You dont care the category you cover doesn't mean you have to talk stupid. If you watch Nepalese TV channel, you will clearly find out Nepali version of "Kasauti". Don't we have our own stories and humours. Why one actress has to throw a party after her house was broken as one indian actress did? One intetresting thing - one of the national TV presents "janamat" in the middle of the news. In every janamt, you can see people from Kathmandu commenting in the particular issue. Is it really "janamat" or "Kathmandu mat"?Kantipur TV did the same thing, it was supposed to broadcast all over Npeal, instead it just covered the Kathmandu valley. If you watch meticulously, it is more fun than information. You can just laugh with stupid presentation. They just cover news with bogus stuffs and try to show genuine. Even they dont know the subject, they write as they are expert though this does apply for some of them. Are they doing knowingly? If it is, then it is a media fraud otherwise it is a mediaramus (ignoramus!).