March 6, 2009

What happens next ?

Some say Nepal is on the verge of becoming a failed state ? some others clamor in the euphoria that the People's Republic of Nepal will prosper unhindered . The present doe not ,however, let one think that the stakeholders of Nepali power politics are doing something that ushers to a positive change in the making , at least in the foreseeable future.

What is next, any Nepali would be tempted to inquire . I don't at least think there is going to be anything better in our time . The crux lies in the question : where or what do we start with ? which sector is not replete with discrepancies that infest the third world polity . Be it the administration, political system or the basic human or community behavior we are far below the par . We simply are far way adrift off the coast of contemporary world behavior. The non- issues of world politics gaas ( food) , baas ( lodging) , and Kapas ( clothing) are selling the hot cakes amid us . The basic tenet of human existence 'the right to life' can even be compromised when confronted with the demands made by the forefathers in the wee hours of 20th century Russia.

The new constitution is in the process of making . The incompetent house of so called constituent assembly experts are scurrying to the extreme extent of brothels , massage parlors to the hinterlands of Rukum, where a group of revolutionary war addicts take hostage of the public opinions so that no views can be collected that stand against their own . The agitation of Tharus is aflame in many a Chitwans with an ominious cry of anguish. The Dhangadhis and Kanchanpurs are bleeding the wrath of unaccountable agony , past to present.

The government , on the other hand, seems dazed unable to identify what its role is . It doesn't have a sense organ functioning sanely because it fails to find whether its now a government or a rebelling force in the wilderness. The prime-minister is so filled up with emotional outpouring that he can cry in agony in one instance or lose fits in full flanged fury not farther.

You don't have one or two uncertainties but countless. Today came the report the underground water is so polluted and undrinkable in Kathmandu that it is life threatening to drink . the question is can we be alive without drinking water ?

Oh my God ! where or what do you start with ? A few Indian dailies were found reporting that Nepal is on the verge of being a failed state ! But who cares? our nationalistic euphoria will pour down on the streets condemning everything that starts with an 'I' or slightly darker in colour and tan .

This is my Nepal, once nurtured and later condemned by a mythical 'Ne' muni .

नजर-नजर मिलिसक्यो

-वसन्त विवश आचार्य

नजर-नजर मिलिसक्यो,मन मिलाउ अब
वाँध अँगालोमा प्रेम रस पिलाउ अब

एक्लै बस्दा खुसी पनि बोझ हुन थाल्छ
मनमा हरपल आफन्तको आभास दिलाउ अब

वगिजाने यौवनलाई कति जमाउछ्यौ
पग्लिएर कलेजी भित्रै बिलाउ अब

पतझड छ जीवन वस् पीडै-पीडा
आउ मगमगाउने गुलाव फुलाउ अव

पिरतिको नँया-नँया दाग लाग्न सक्छ
बसन्तै संग त्यो मुटु संगै सिलाउ अव

तुलसीपुर दाङ्ग