February 6, 2010

Add Nepali Blog Updates in your Gmail Service

Just discovered that "Nepali Blog Updates" widget can be added to your Gmail service.
Gmail Labs:
In order to be able to do so you need to have the Gmail Labs features enabled in the system
One can enable the Labs feature by going here... https://mail.google.com/mail/?labs=1#settings
or enabling the lab feature under settings menu.
Remember, If anything goes wrong with the labs, there is always an escape: go to labs=0 feature. https://mail.google.com/mail/?labs=0.

How to Add Widget:
Once the lab is set up, you should be able to see the green beaker logo near the top right corner.

Go to the Labs menu, at the bottom part of it, there is "add gadget by URL" feature.

Enable that feature. go to the gadget tab under settings
Enter this URL:
You should be able to see the Gadget on the left panel below the chat box in Gmail.

If you are an igoogle user, it should be a piece of cake to be added in your igoogle page.
Just go to the gadget page...
and click on the "+" sign at the left bottom corner.
Currently I have 3 versions of Widget for testing and back up purposes.
Thanks for the support.

ब्लगर भेलाको प्रस्तावना ९ भनिएको थियो:नेपाल र नेपाली भाषा अन्य भाषाहरू जस्तो अझै पनि गुगलको प्राथमिकता भित्र पर्न सकेको छैन । यसबारे सबैले केही गर्ने। यस बारेमा नेपाली ब्लगहरु द्वारा ब्लग लेख्ने र बहस/जानकारीका रुपमा दौंतरीमा राख्ने। त्यसै अनुरुप यो लेख निबन जी ले लेख्नु भएको हो। नबिन जी लाइ धेरै धेरै धन्यबाद।