July 11, 2024

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June 17, 2024

How do you rescue a person from Mount Everest?

Mount Everest, the height place on earth. What happens if you get stuck there? 

Well there is no road or airport. If you are immbackpackobalized, only way to get you back is on somebody's back. Just like a back pack, a person has to be carried down the the base camp for further help.

Here is one example how a Malaysian climber got rescued from Mount Everest. 

A Malaysian climber narrowly survived after a Nepali sherpa guide hauled him down from below the summit of Mount Everest in a "very rare" high altitude rescue, a government official said on Wednesday. Gelje Sherpa, 30, was guiding a Chinese client to the 8,849 metre (29,032 feet) Everest summit on May 18 when he saw the Malaysian climber clinging to a rope and shivering from extreme cold in the area called the "death zone," where temperatures can dip to minus 30 degrees Celsius (86F) or lower.

May 17, 2024

दासढुंगा घटनाको रहस्य

 दासढुंगा घटनाको रहस्य  बारे के.पी. ओली :

May 16, 2024

बिदेशीको आखामा नेपाल

15 Breathtaking photos from Nepali visitors: 

1. Lumbini

2. Bhaktapur

3. Himalayan Range

4. Chitwan National Nepal Park 

May 13, 2024

Walking to the Roof of the World

Darrel Hartman 

Why climb Mount Everest? “Because it’s there,” George Mallory famously said. Then he died trying.

A century on, Mallory is best remembered for those three koanlike words. As Mick Conefrey writes in “Fallen: George Mallory and the Tragic 1924 Everest Expedition,” they are “both the simplest and the most enigmatic explanation of the lure of high mountains.”

Alas, Everest, highest of them all, is less enigmatic and arguably less alluring these days. Since Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay logged the first successful ascent in 1953, it has been summited more than 12,000 times by upward of 6,500 different people. Every spring the Nepali army removes several tons of trash from this high-elevation tourist attraction. The human-waste problem has gotten so bad that, as of this year, visitors are required to pack their poop and take it with them.

The Everest that Mallory explored in the 1920s had less excrement and more romance. The climbing equipment was rudimentary: the flax ropes were as threads compared to modern nylon ones, and the wool clothing and hobnail boots were more cumbersome and far less effective than modern goose down and crampons. Mr. Conefrey, a documentary filmmaker who has written several books about Himalayan mountaineering history, also notes another major difference between then and now: Mallory and his peers “took risks that many of today’s climbers would find unacceptable.”

May 10, 2024

Kangaroos fight like boxers

Kangaroos are marsupials from the family Macropodidae. Kangaroos are indigenous to Australia and New Guinea. Kangaroos have large, powerful hind legs, large feet adapted for leaping, a long muscular tail for balance, and a small head. Like most marsupials, female kangaroos have a pouch called a marsupium in which joeys complete postnatal development. Kangaroos are the only large mammals to use hopping on two legs as their primary means of locomotion. The comfortable hopping speed for a red kangaroo is about 20–25 km/h (12–16 mph), but speeds of up to 70 km/h (43 mph)  can be attained over short distances, while it can sustain a speed of 40 km/h (25 mph) for nearly 2 km (1.2 mi).

Because of their hopping body structure, their fight looks similar to human fight, pouncing and kicking. Fighting has been described in all species of kangaroos. Fights between kangaroos can be brief or long and ritualised. In highly competitive situations, such as males fighting for access to oestrous females or at limited drinking spots,  the fights are brief. Both sexes will fight for drinking spots, but long, ritualised fighting or "boxing" is largely done by males. Smaller males fight more often near females in oestrus, while the large males in consorts do not seem to get involved. Ritualised fights can arise suddenly  when males are grazing together. However, most fights are preceded by two males scratching and grooming each other. 

Like a street fight, these two kangaroos got into street fight and showed their coolest moves. One move requires tail standing. Even it can fight with a human. No wonder they behave like bipedal human.

March 20, 2024

सबसे प्रदूषित शहर भारत में हैं - Top Polluted Cities are in India

सबसे प्रदूषित शहर भारत में हैं। 100 में से 83 प्रदूषित शहर सभी भारत में हैं। ये विश्व स्वास्थ्य संगठन के मानक के दस गुना अधिक हैं। बेगूसराय, भारत के उत्तरी बिहार राज्य में पांच लाख लोगों के शहर, दुनिया का सबसे प्रदूषित शहर था। बेगूसराय के पीछे गुवाहाटी, असम; दिल्ली; और मुल्लांपुर, पंजाब हैं, जो सबसे प्रदूषित शहरों की दृष्टि से आते हैं। भारतीय जनसंख्या का 96% इस प्रदूषित स्थिति में रहता है।

दक्षिण एशिया को विशेष चिंता है, जिसमें 29 में से 30 सबसे प्रदूषित शहर भारत, पाकिस्तान या बांग्लादेश में हैं। रिपोर्ट ने लाहौर को पांचवें स्थान पर, नई दिल्ली को छठे स्थान पर और ढाका को 24वें स्थान पर रैंक किया।

चीन का सबसे प्रदूषित शहर होटन है, जो 14 वें स्थान पर है। नेपाल की राजधानी काठमांडू 142 वें स्थान पर है।

स्वस्थ वायु गुणवत्ता वाले देशों की बात करें, तो ये फ़िनलैंड, एस्तोनिया, प्यूर्टो रिको, ऑस्ट्रेलिया, न्यूज़ीलैंड, बरमूडा, ग्रेनाडा, आइसलैंड, मॉरिशस और फ़्रेंच पॉलिनेशिया हैं।

March 8, 2024

How to identify spam email and scam offer?

 Identifying spam emails and scam offer can be crucial for protecting yourself from phishing attempts, malware, and other online threats. Fraudulent posting in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social medias need to be understood too. Here are some common indicators to help you recognize spam:

  • Unknown Sender: Be cautious of emails from unfamiliar or suspicious senders. Verify the sender's email address, especially if it seems unusual or contains random characters.
  • Fraudulent Gift: Too good to be true request should be always not true. If someone is offering you free gift, easy money or unconvincing scheme, don't fall for it.
  • Unsolicited Emails: If you didn't subscribe to a mailing list or request information from a particular sender, be wary of unsolicited emails, especially those promising prizes, discounts, or offers that seem too good to be true.
  • Spelling and Grammar Errors: Many spam emails contain spelling and grammar mistakes. Legitimate organizations usually have proofreaders or automated systems to ensure their emails are error-free.
  • Urgent Requests: Beware of emails that pressure you to take immediate action or threaten negative consequences if you don't respond quickly. This tactic is often used in phishing emails to create a sense of urgency.
  • Suspicious Links: Hover your mouse over links in emails (without clicking) to see the actual URL. Be cautious of shortened URLs or links that don't match the purported destination. Legitimate businesses typically use their domain names in links.
  • Attachments from Unknown Sources: Avoid opening attachments from unknown or untrusted sources, as they may contain malware or viruses. Even if an email appears to be from someone you know, verify with the sender before opening any attachments.
  • Requests for Personal Information: Be wary of emails requesting sensitive information like passwords, account numbers, or Social Security numbers. Legitimate companies typically don't ask for this information via email.
  • Generic Greetings: Spam emails often use generic greetings like "Dear Sir/Madam" or "Dear Customer" instead of addressing you by name. Legitimate organizations are more likely to personalize their communications.
  • Mismatched URLs and Email Content: Check if the content of the email matches the sender's identity and the URLs provided. Discrepancies between the two can indicate a phishing attempt.
  • Spoofed Identities: Verify the legitimacy of emails claiming to be from reputable organizations by contacting them directly through their official website or phone number.

March 5, 2024

तपाईंको आजको राशिफल

एक प्रख्यात पत्रिका को राशिफलको सबै राशिको पहिलो लाईन - अरु कुरा आफै मिलाएर बुज्नुस।  

मेष : दिन राम्रो छ। 

वृष : दैनिकी राम्रो छ। 

मिथुन : समय राम्रो छ। 

कर्कट : समय सामान्य छ। 

सिंह : दैनिकी राम्रो छ। 

कन्या : आजको दिन राम्रो छ। 

तुला : दिन राम्रो छ। 

वृश्चिक : दैनिकी राम्रो छ। 

धनु : समय राम्रो छ। 

मकर : समय सामान्य छ। 

कुम्भ : दिन राम्रो छ। 

मीन : दिन राम्रो छ। 

March 4, 2024

प्रचण्ड र ओली २-२ वर्ष प्रधानमन्त्री बन्ने

Mount Everest is turning into the garbage dumping site

Mount Everest  (सगरमाथा) the tallest mountain in the world is in Nepal. 
Its official elevation (snow height) is 8,848.86 meters (29,031.7 feet).

There are two main climbing routes: Southeast Ridge (Nepal): Known as the “standard route,” it approaches the summit from the southeast in Nepal.

North Ridge (Tibet): This route approaches the summit from the north in Tibet.

Climbing to the top  is one of the greatest challenges on Earth. 

But climbers are now creating an even bigger challenge for those who have to clean up after them as Mount Everest risks becoming the world's highest garbage dump.   

Experts estimate that there could be as much as 50 tonnes of rubbish left on the mountain, while Everest Base Camp churns out 75 tonnes of garbage every season.

West problem has reached the epic of the problem now climbers ascending Mount Everest will be expected to collect their poop in doggy bags and carry their waste back to base camp, according to new regulations from local officials as they attempt to address a long-festering littering problem on the world’s tallest peak. Now, climbers will be given the bags at base camp and expected to carry the bags back down at the end of the journey. Now we hope this will end the Mount Everest Stinking Problem!

Photo: Dailymail

March 1, 2024

नेपाली जोक्स : Nepali Jokes

    • पोखराको पुलले कर्णालीको पुललाई के भन्छ?
    कस्तो लामो ?
    • चेउटे को राजधानी  कहाँ हो ? 

      टोक्यो ।

    • तामाको मामा घर कहाँ हो ?


    • लामालाई गुम्बा, जडया लाई के ?


    • स्याउ र च्याउ मा के फरक छ? 

    एउटा रुखमा फल्छा, अर्को भुइमा। 

    • चियाको उल्टो के हुन्छ?

    छ्या गनाउछ। 

    • गोजीमा  हात राखेर कुरा गर्ने लाई के भनिन्छ  ? 

    गोजीनाथ ।

    • जांच मा किन नपढेको ?

    हात्ती पढेर ठुलो भएको हो र?

    • ओछ्यानबाट खसेपछि सिरकले के भन्यो  ? 

    छि: भुइँ  मा पो!

    • घरलाई  के लगाउने ? 
    • कुचो किन फालेको ?

    फोहोरसंग किस गरेर ।

    • चियाले चियियापत्तीलाई  के भन्छ ? 

    झोल भन्दा  झ्यामटो मिठो  ।

    • चन्द्रमा किन रोएको ? 

    ग्रह लागेर ।

    • खाना भ्याए  पछि कुकुर के के भन्छ ?

     "भ्याउ, भ्याउ!"

    • तपाईंले समय सँग किन विवाह गर्नु हुँदैन?

    ठेगान छैन आज हो कि भोलि ?

    • डाक्टर र दाउरे मा के फरक छ? 

    एउटा ले मान्छे चिर्छ  अर्कोले दाउरा चिर्छ 

    • हरिणलाई एक दिनको कामको कति पारिश्रमिक दिनुहुन्छ ? 

    एउटा हिरा ।

    • रुख को हाँगा किन हल्लेको?


    • एउटा खोला ले अर्को खोला लाई कसरि बोलौछ ? 

    सुसेली हालेर। 

    • भेडा गुल्टेये के बन्छ ? 


    • किन गणित लाई कसैले मन परा उ दैनन् ? 

    धेरै जोड घटाउ गरेर।  

    • क्यामेरा म्यान ले किन एउटा आखा चिम्लेर सुटिंग गर्छ ?

    एउटा आखाले हिरोनी हेर्ने, अर्को को आखाले आफ्नो बुडी हेर्ने, नत्र बुडी किच कंदी जस्तो देखिन्छ  ।

    • जोकर के मा काम लाग्छ ? 

    तास खेल्न ।

    • बाल्टिन मा आगो लागे के हुन्छ  ?


    • ब्लैक बोर्ड  किन कोठा भित्रै  बस्छ? 

    कालो मोसो लाजले  ।

    • हातमा घडी नहुदा कति बज्छ? 

    छाला बजेर रौठदिन्छ  ।

    • पुड्के ले  किन आफ्नो भाडा तिरेन?

      हाइट नपुगेर  ।

    • भेष नभएको मान्छेलाई के भन्ने? 
    • चम्कने गाइलाई के भन्नुहुन्छ  ? 
    तारी गाइ। 

    Note: This is American style jokes in Nepali Version.

    Who is Alexey Navalny?

    •   Alexey Navalny's funeral took place Friday in Moscow, according to the late Russian opposition figure's spokesperson. Thousands of mourners gathered to pay their respects to the former opposition figure — expressing defiance and calling Navalny a "true hero."

    • Navalny died on February 16, after Russia's prison service said he "felt unwell after a walk." His team and family have blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin for his death. 
    • His widow, Yulia Navalnaya, said this week she is concerned about possible arrests of funeral mourners. After Navalny's death, more than 400 people were detained at makeshift memorials across Russia, according to a human rights monitoring group.
    • Despite headlines across the globe, Navalny’s funeral was not featured on state broadcaster Russia 24, while the event was ongoing.
    • Navalny, who made global headlines when he was poisoned with a nerve agent in 2020, has encouraged Russians to "not give up" in the event of his death.

    February 24, 2024

    सामाजिक अभियन्ता ढुङ्गेल सम्मानित !

     लेखक, कवि, गीतकार एवम् सामाजिक अभियन्ता शेखर ढुङ्गेललाई सम्मान गरिएको छ । यही फागुन ५ गते शनिबार ऐतिहासिक शहर भक्तपुरमा आयोजित एक कार्यक्रमबीच ढुङ्गेललाई सम्मानित तुल्याइएको हो ।

    अभियन्ता ढुङ्गेल जन्मे/हुर्केको तथा पढे/बढेको जिल्ला भक्तपुरमा स्थापित सृजना अभियान समाज भक्तपुरले विदेशमा रहेर पनि साहित्यका विविध विधा एवम् सामाजिक सेवामा पुऱ्याएको योगदानबापत उनलाई सम्मान गरेको हो ।

    संस्थाका सचिव एवम् प्राज्ञ ध्रुव मधिकर्मीले उक्त विशेष कार्यक्रममा स्वागत मन्तब्य राख्दै शेखर ढुङ्गेलले लेख, कविता, कथामार्फत समाज परिवर्तनको लागि देशलाई पुऱ्याउनुभएको योगदानको लागि सम्मान गर्न पाउँदा खुशी लागेको बताउनुभयो । यस्तै, चर्चित गीतकार सुवासचन्द्र ढुङ्गेलले आफ्नो शुभ कामना मन्तब्यमा शेखर स्कुल/कलेजदेखि नै सामाजिक विकृति-विसंगति र भ्रष्टाचारविरुद्ध विद्रोहीरूपमा रहेको भन्दै शेखरका बाल्यकालदेखिको स्वभावबारे प्रकाश पार्नुभयो ।

    February 23, 2024

    14 million jobs worldwide will vanish in the next 5 years

     Recent layoffs in big companies? Like Google, Amazon, META for Facebook, Apple, CISCO and Microsoft? How about other small companies such as SNAP, UBER, IBM, SAP, Dell, Salesforce etc. It is due to Artificial intelligence - AI or ChatGPT, human jobs will be dwindling.

    Huge disruptions will rock the global job market over the next five years as the economy weakens and companies boost the adoption of technologies such as artificial intelligence.

    That finding comes from the World Economic Forum, a report based on surveys of more than 800 companies. Per the report,employers expect to create 69 million new jobs by 2027 and eliminate 83 million positions. That will result in a net loss of 14 million jobs, equivalent to 2% of current employment. Many factors will feed labor market churn during that period. The shift to renewable energy systems will be a powerful engine for generating jobs, while slower economic growth and high inflation will drive losses. The rush to deploy artificial intelligence, meanwhile, will serve as both a positive and a negative force.

    Track Live Layoff:  Tech Layoff Tracker and Startup Layoff Lists

    January 10, 2024

    2023 what people searched in the internet?

     Key stats about the most searched keywords worldwide:

    • YouTube beats Facebook to the top spot as the most searched word on Google with 3bn total searches vs 2.2bn, respectively
    • Unsurprisingly, ChatGPT was only just getting started at the end of 2022, and has subsequently jumped from 64th to the 17th most searched term worldwide
    • In the world of sports, NBA is the most popular at number 11 with 915 million total searches, followed by the Premier League at 19 and NFL at 32
    • Of the top 10 Google searches, four lead to Google-owned sites: YouTube, Google Translate (x2 searches), and Gmail
    • Google applications in general litter the top 100, including Google Maps (20), Google Docs (66) Google Drive (84) and Google Flights (86)
    • Gmail narrowly makes the top 10 with 700.7m searches since January 2023. Other email providers then battle it out with ‘hotmail’ at 22nd and ‘yahoo mail’ in 31st place (more popular than ‘yahoo’ itself at 34th)
    • Three of the top 20 searches lead to social media giant Facebook (Meta): Facebook in 2nd place, and WhatsApp Web and Instagram at 10th and 12th place
    • Amazon unsurprisingly dominates the ecomm arena at number 5, with Ebay at 36 and Shein at 46