October 21, 2009

Glee Moments

Within the never ending process of formation and termination
Let’s enjoy some of the waves rolling towards the shore,
Luck has favored us; at least the tides kiss our feet in realism
Look sweetie, life resembles this process, uncertainty of less or more.

Have this moment rejoiced, who knows the future ahead?
The circumstances weaved within the womb of nature and fate,
Gratefully, let’s offer our gratitude to nature for having our wishes read
Let the child play with all its might, let it be glee and no more afraid.
You have an era to be me- a lot more to face gain you own experience
Yet, you have nothing to pretend, and just be yourself- a true kid
Let me be your friend, resemble your character and enjoy, at least for this moment
Hold my hands and let this flood sway me away from all my anxiety and anguish.

Not till distant horizon comes into sight- so vast is the source to learn and discover
Let’s face and count the waves, and learn the ways of survival from the sea-birds,
Let my never growing kid play at this instance, let it roll with the fizz and get wet all over
As forced maturity is my shadow, waiting to overtake me behind this beautiful Atlantic world.
(Once published in my blog, I have presented for dautari readers)