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July 22, 2024

NEPALI NEWS AND ENTERTAINMENT :: नेपाली खबर र मनोरंजन

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May 13, 2024

Walking to the Roof of the World

Darrel Hartman 

Why climb Mount Everest? “Because it’s there,” George Mallory famously said. Then he died trying.

A century on, Mallory is best remembered for those three koanlike words. As Mick Conefrey writes in “Fallen: George Mallory and the Tragic 1924 Everest Expedition,” they are “both the simplest and the most enigmatic explanation of the lure of high mountains.”

Alas, Everest, highest of them all, is less enigmatic and arguably less alluring these days. Since Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay logged the first successful ascent in 1953, it has been summited more than 12,000 times by upward of 6,500 different people. Every spring the Nepali army removes several tons of trash from this high-elevation tourist attraction. The human-waste problem has gotten so bad that, as of this year, visitors are required to pack their poop and take it with them.

The Everest that Mallory explored in the 1920s had less excrement and more romance. The climbing equipment was rudimentary: the flax ropes were as threads compared to modern nylon ones, and the wool clothing and hobnail boots were more cumbersome and far less effective than modern goose down and crampons. Mr. Conefrey, a documentary filmmaker who has written several books about Himalayan mountaineering history, also notes another major difference between then and now: Mallory and his peers “took risks that many of today’s climbers would find unacceptable.”

March 20, 2024

सबसे प्रदूषित शहर भारत में हैं - Top Polluted Cities are in India

सबसे प्रदूषित शहर भारत में हैं। 100 में से 83 प्रदूषित शहर सभी भारत में हैं। ये विश्व स्वास्थ्य संगठन के मानक के दस गुना अधिक हैं। बेगूसराय, भारत के उत्तरी बिहार राज्य में पांच लाख लोगों के शहर, दुनिया का सबसे प्रदूषित शहर था। बेगूसराय के पीछे गुवाहाटी, असम; दिल्ली; और मुल्लांपुर, पंजाब हैं, जो सबसे प्रदूषित शहरों की दृष्टि से आते हैं। भारतीय जनसंख्या का 96% इस प्रदूषित स्थिति में रहता है।

दक्षिण एशिया को विशेष चिंता है, जिसमें 29 में से 30 सबसे प्रदूषित शहर भारत, पाकिस्तान या बांग्लादेश में हैं। रिपोर्ट ने लाहौर को पांचवें स्थान पर, नई दिल्ली को छठे स्थान पर और ढाका को 24वें स्थान पर रैंक किया।

चीन का सबसे प्रदूषित शहर होटन है, जो 14 वें स्थान पर है। नेपाल की राजधानी काठमांडू 142 वें स्थान पर है।

स्वस्थ वायु गुणवत्ता वाले देशों की बात करें, तो ये फ़िनलैंड, एस्तोनिया, प्यूर्टो रिको, ऑस्ट्रेलिया, न्यूज़ीलैंड, बरमूडा, ग्रेनाडा, आइसलैंड, मॉरिशस और फ़्रेंच पॉलिनेशिया हैं।

March 8, 2024

How to identify spam email and scam offer?

 Identifying spam emails and scam offer can be crucial for protecting yourself from phishing attempts, malware, and other online threats. Fraudulent posting in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social medias need to be understood too. Here are some common indicators to help you recognize spam:

  • Unknown Sender: Be cautious of emails from unfamiliar or suspicious senders. Verify the sender's email address, especially if it seems unusual or contains random characters.
  • Fraudulent Gift: Too good to be true request should be always not true. If someone is offering you free gift, easy money or unconvincing scheme, don't fall for it.
  • Unsolicited Emails: If you didn't subscribe to a mailing list or request information from a particular sender, be wary of unsolicited emails, especially those promising prizes, discounts, or offers that seem too good to be true.
  • Spelling and Grammar Errors: Many spam emails contain spelling and grammar mistakes. Legitimate organizations usually have proofreaders or automated systems to ensure their emails are error-free.
  • Urgent Requests: Beware of emails that pressure you to take immediate action or threaten negative consequences if you don't respond quickly. This tactic is often used in phishing emails to create a sense of urgency.
  • Suspicious Links: Hover your mouse over links in emails (without clicking) to see the actual URL. Be cautious of shortened URLs or links that don't match the purported destination. Legitimate businesses typically use their domain names in links.
  • Attachments from Unknown Sources: Avoid opening attachments from unknown or untrusted sources, as they may contain malware or viruses. Even if an email appears to be from someone you know, verify with the sender before opening any attachments.
  • Requests for Personal Information: Be wary of emails requesting sensitive information like passwords, account numbers, or Social Security numbers. Legitimate companies typically don't ask for this information via email.
  • Generic Greetings: Spam emails often use generic greetings like "Dear Sir/Madam" or "Dear Customer" instead of addressing you by name. Legitimate organizations are more likely to personalize their communications.
  • Mismatched URLs and Email Content: Check if the content of the email matches the sender's identity and the URLs provided. Discrepancies between the two can indicate a phishing attempt.
  • Spoofed Identities: Verify the legitimacy of emails claiming to be from reputable organizations by contacting them directly through their official website or phone number.

March 1, 2024

Who is Alexey Navalny?

  •   Alexey Navalny's funeral took place Friday in Moscow, according to the late Russian opposition figure's spokesperson. Thousands of mourners gathered to pay their respects to the former opposition figure — expressing defiance and calling Navalny a "true hero."

  • Navalny died on February 16, after Russia's prison service said he "felt unwell after a walk." His team and family have blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin for his death. 
  • His widow, Yulia Navalnaya, said this week she is concerned about possible arrests of funeral mourners. After Navalny's death, more than 400 people were detained at makeshift memorials across Russia, according to a human rights monitoring group.
  • Despite headlines across the globe, Navalny’s funeral was not featured on state broadcaster Russia 24, while the event was ongoing.
  • Navalny, who made global headlines when he was poisoned with a nerve agent in 2020, has encouraged Russians to "not give up" in the event of his death.

February 23, 2024

14 million jobs worldwide will vanish in the next 5 years

 Recent layoffs in big companies? Like Google, Amazon, META for Facebook, Apple, CISCO and Microsoft? How about other small companies such as SNAP, UBER, IBM, SAP, Dell, Salesforce etc. It is due to Artificial intelligence - AI or ChatGPT, human jobs will be dwindling.

Huge disruptions will rock the global job market over the next five years as the economy weakens and companies boost the adoption of technologies such as artificial intelligence.

That finding comes from the World Economic Forum, a report based on surveys of more than 800 companies. Per the report,employers expect to create 69 million new jobs by 2027 and eliminate 83 million positions. That will result in a net loss of 14 million jobs, equivalent to 2% of current employment. Many factors will feed labor market churn during that period. The shift to renewable energy systems will be a powerful engine for generating jobs, while slower economic growth and high inflation will drive losses. The rush to deploy artificial intelligence, meanwhile, will serve as both a positive and a negative force.

Track Live Layoff:  Tech Layoff Tracker and Startup Layoff Lists

October 14, 2023

The Israel - Palestine Gaza Conflict : A complete story

 The Israel – Palestine conflict is rooted in pre-biblical times. Though its borders have shifted over the years, Palestinian territories used to be what is now Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank. 

Both Israeli Jews’ and Palestinian Arabs’ history, culture, and identity are linked to the Palestinian territories and to the ancient city of Jerusalem, “one of the most bitterly contested cities on earth,” according to The Associated Press.

The Ottoman Empire controlled the region for about 400 years before its defeat, along with Germany, in World War I. Britain was given control of Palestine by the League of Nations in 1920, under an order called the British Mandate.

In 1917, the British government signaled its support for the establishment of a Jewish state in Israel with the Balfour Declaration.

While the declaration stated support, it also said that “nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestinian territories, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.”

September 14, 2023

what is Teej?

 Teej is a Hindu festival celebrated by women in various parts of India and Nepal. It is dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and is celebrated with great enthusiasm and devotion. Teej typically falls in the Hindu month of Shravan, which usually corresponds to July or August in the Gregorian calendar. There are several variations of Teej, with two of the most prominent ones being:

  1. Hariyali Teej: This is celebrated during the bright half of the lunar month of Shravan and is also known as Shravani Teej. It is primarily observed by married women who pray for the well-being and long life of their husbands. Women wear green attire, adorn themselves with mehndi (henna), and participate in various rituals and festivities.

  2. Hartalika Teej: This festival falls on the third day of the bright half of the lunar month of Bhadrapada, which usually corresponds to August or September. It is primarily celebrated in North India, especially in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Rajasthan. Married women fast on this day, praying for the prosperity and happiness of their families.

May 19, 2023

चरा हो कि माछा : A Fish or a bird?

यो चरा हो कि माछा , Is this a fish or a bird? : It is a American Dipper !

The American Dipper, scientifically known as Cinclus mexicanus, is a unique and remarkable bird found in the western parts of North America. Here are some key characteristics and facts about the American Dipper:

  1. Appearance: The American Dipper is a medium-sized songbird, measuring about 5.5 to 7.1 inches (14-18 cm) in length. It has a plump body with a short tail and short wings. The bird's feathers are mostly dark gray or brown, providing camouflage against its rocky habitat. It has a white eyelid that stands out and contrasts with its dark plumage.

  2. Habitat: American Dippers are known for their affinity to fast-flowing mountain streams, rivers, and waterfalls in the western parts of North America. They are primarily found in regions such as Alaska, western Canada, and the Rocky Mountains of the United States, including California, Oregon, and Colorado. These birds are well adapted to their aquatic habitat.

May 12, 2023

What is crypto currency?

 Cryptocurrency refers to digital or virtual currencies that use cryptography for security. Bitcoin and Etherum are the crypto which has higher value but there there are other crypto currency such as Dodge coin, XRP, Tether, Solana, etc. It is a form of decentralized digital money that operates independently of a central bank and is based on a technology called blockchain.

Here are some key features of cryptocurrencies:

  1. Decentralization: Cryptocurrencies are typically decentralized systems that operate on a distributed network of computers, known as nodes. This means that no single entity or authority has complete control over the currency.

  2. Cryptography: Cryptocurrencies use cryptographic techniques to secure transactions and control the creation of new units. Cryptography ensures the integrity and security of the currency by encrypting transaction data.

  3. Blockchain Technology: Most cryptocurrencies are built on blockchain technology, which is a distributed ledger that records all transactions across multiple computers. The blockchain serves as a transparent and immutable record of all cryptocurrency transactions.

  4. Limited Supply: Many cryptocurrencies have a limited supply, meaning there is a maximum number of coins or tokens that can ever exist. For example, Bitcoin has a cap of 21 million coins, which makes it a deflationary currency.

May 11, 2023

Tell me about Nepal?

 Nepal, officially known as the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, is a landlocked country located in South Asia. Here are some key points about Nepal:

  1. Geography: Nepal is situated mainly in the Himalayas, bordered by China to the north and India to the east, south, and west. The country is known for its diverse geography, ranging from the lowland Terai plains to the highest peaks in the world, including Mount Everest.

  2. Capital: The capital and largest city of Nepal is Kathmandu. It serves as the cultural, political, and economic center of the country.

  3. Population and Language: Nepal has a diverse population of around 30 million people. Nepali is the official language, but there are several regional languages and ethnic groups that contribute to the country's cultural richness.

May 1, 2023

How to use ChatGPT to improve your Microsoft Excel skills?

Chat GPT and AIs are really gaining steam every and it’s seems it will be a tool to master anything. Here is a summary on how to master Excel:

Assisting with tricky formulas, scripts, and templates

ChatGPT can help suggest the best formulas to use within data sets to identify insights you're seeking and more quickly find results. The technology can also help write Excel scripts or macros, an action or set of actions that can be run repeatedly, like changing the font size or color of a group of cells, which can help make your work more efficient.

Identifying data trends and flagging errors

According to ChatGPT, the technology can help analyze data by finding trends, summarizing information into a few key statistics, and even helping to create charts and different ways to visualize data. The technology can also help quickly identify errors or missing data points, offering remedial suggestions along the way.

Helping beginners learn common tricks

The chatbot can walk beginners through common Excel tricks to make the program more efficient, like keyboard shortcuts or step-by-step directions on how to format data in a certain way.

April 18, 2023

How to write a good essay?

AI again! Here is another one, what ChatGPT (, thinks how to write a good essay. I think this is not an extra-ordinary finding, we all know this basic format but still it is presenting in a simple way on how to write a good essay. Are we searching everything in a unique way? Or is this is just love on a new comer? Any way, good luck on writing a good easy!

Writing an essay can be a challenging task, but it doesn't have to be. Here are some steps to help you write an effective essay:

  1. Choose a topic: Select a topic that you are interested in and that is appropriate for the assignment. If the topic is assigned, make sure you understand it fully.

  2. Research: Once you have chosen your topic, do some research to gather information and support for your essay. You can use a variety of sources such as books, articles, websites, and interviews.

  3. Plan your essay: Before you start writing, organize your thoughts and ideas into an outline or a mind map. This will help you to structure your essay and ensure that you cover all the necessary points.

April 10, 2023

ChatGPT, write me a college essay?

After hearing so much buzz about ChatCPT, an AI search engine (, I asked ChatGPT, write me a college essay. Here is what Chat GPT gave me:    

Prompt: Describe a significant experience or achievement that has had a meaningful impact on your life.

Throughout my life, I have always been passionate about helping others. This passion has led me to pursue opportunities that allow me to make a positive impact in my community. One such opportunity was my involvement in a service project during my junior year of high school.

The service project involved working with a local non-profit organization that provides food and shelter to homeless individuals in our community. My role was to assist with meal preparation and serve food to the homeless individuals who came to the shelter. Initially, I was nervous about working with the homeless population, as I had never interacted with them before. However, my fears quickly dissipated as I got to know the individuals who came to the shelter.

What struck me the most was the resilience and strength of the individuals I worked with. Despite their difficult circumstances, they maintained a positive attitude and were grateful for the little things in life. This experience taught me the importance of empathy and compassion, and inspired me to continue volunteering with the non-profit organization.