June 25, 2009

King of Pop Michael Jackson Died at age of 50

Update: LA times has confirmed that Michael Jackson is dead.

Unconfirmed news has claimed King of Pop Michael Jackson Died of cardiac arrest at the age of 50.

Michael Jackson was rushed to the UCLA Medical Center this afternoon after suffering cardiac arrest, according to multiple reports. The fire department said that it responded "to a medical call at 100 block of Carrolwood," where Jackson lives, and that they took one person to the UCLA Medical Center


HAWA said...

ए मरेछ माइकल ?... एडिक्ट थियो त्यो मूला मर्ने नै भो नि... गीत र म्युजिक चाँही मजाको गाउथ्यो

Prajwol said...

The best there is...the best there was...and the best there will ever be……The King of Pop....RIP

I hope people will stop their malicious criticism now.

Unknown said...

he was a nice singer n he will till this earth will remain

Unknown said...

hay mj u live like king n you will rule in heven like king of heven my best of luck for you

jung Sirish(Atom)Magar (t_lock) said...

finally king of pop is dead yar,it's end of gr8 age

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