January 30, 2010


By sadiksha Acharya

Eons It's been years,
Since I've felt this old.

My bones have dried
And they shake every time I move.
My muscles have become nonexistent,
And my eyes have lost their sight.

It's been millenniums
sinceI took back my throne,
And yet my subjects haven't gotten used to me.

It's been decades
Since I got back what's mine,
And just months since I wrote my history.

Fate tells of such a destiny,
Of a calm life
And happy days.

Fate tells of such a destiny,
The same destiny,
So tedious,
With no wars,
No differences,
No uniqueness .

There are no histories,
No accomplishments.
It's been millenniums
Since I took my throne,
As the ruler.
It's been eons,
My bones have grown weak,
And my citadels lie in ruins.



Nepalean said...

Ions? oh. no Eons. Well I thought it was ions but its really Eons.

Youngster talking about Eons, kinda surprising but the poem is well written. Keep on presenting such creativity!!

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