December 28, 2007

Got a Telescope? Zoom into the Mars.

2007 WD5 is heading towards our home. But luckily for us, it is our neighbor who would be getting the three megaton pounding. If you are thinking that 2007 WD5 is the code name for YCL operation, then you are wrong. If you are thinking 2007 WD5 is the another suicide jihadist attack, then you are wrong again. It is the unwanted debris of the solar system,at least for humans, which we call Asteroid.
solar systemThis 164 ft slinging stone was spotted in 2007 and had the possibility to hit the Earth. But later, it was expected to hit the Mars. Currently, it is halfway between Earth and Mars, but has very slim chance of swinging towards us. Vigilant scientists have assumed that it has 1-in-75 chance to hit the neighboring red planet in late January. It may not sound a great chance but astronomers deal with 1 in millionth or more most of the time. So, it is pretty solid chance to see the huge firecracker in the relatively small cosmos distance. If it will hit the Mars, then a blast equivalent to 3000 tons of TNT is expected, adding one more scar on the surface of the red planet. The last time we witnessed similar impact was in 1994 when a comet named Shoemaker Levy9 crashed into the largest planet of the solar system, Jupiter.
People on the Earth have many things to cheer about. First the asteroid didn’t want to kiss the Earth. Second, this impact would be the first one to be studied under modern technologies. Third we have few more days to do our mundane daily chores which we hate so much. So say thank you, get a telescope and zoom into the Mars.
I wonder, today, Mars is getting the pounding but there must be something unknown in the dark, aiming at the beautiful dark-blue object. I don't know, why we fight, why we kill and why we are so possessive when our life is so short. If you look into the universe, we are constantly dodging bullets like these everyday and you don’t know which one has your name on it.
NB: 2007 WD5 or similar size cosmic objects aren't big enough to wipe all humans from the Earth in possible impact.


Anonymous said...

Whaat is ths wd5? does it have any meaning? i pray it wont hit us.

PB said...

The name doesn't have any meaning. Though it's tempting to think as weapon of destruction or smthing but it is the basic name given to any asteroid before confirming its path.

The nomenclature process for the asteroid is done according to the date in which it is spotted. For that, they divide the year in fortnight and give an english alphabet to each fortnight. So A will be given to jan 1 to jan 15. For the new object, an alphabet would be added. So the name would be go like AA, Ab, and so on. There as 26 alphabets in english and 52 weeks in a year.

Since this is first spotted in November of 2007. It has 2007 W as the name. The next 'D' should denote, in my guess, as the 4th object found that month.
I hope this would give you the ans.

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