February 12, 2010


Vodacom : How may we help you?

Customer : This is Julius Malema and I haff a big problem with my phone bill.. My wife, she think I haffing an affair!

Vodacom : Okay Sir, and how can we help you with this?

Julius : My bill haff all these calls to Salulah and my wife think I haffing an affair with this woman, but I never heard of her before.

You must please trace these calls for me.

Vodacom : Sir, I'm sorry but the bill won't actually tell you the name of the person you're calling, just their number.

Customer : This one does.

Vodacom : What phone do you have, Sir?

Customer : A mobile. I tell you this.

Vodacom : No, Sir, what make? What do you have in your hands?

Customer : An erection.

After a moment's silence, the gallant Vodacom worker continued.

Vodacom : Um, sir? Could you spell that for me?

Customer : For sure - E..R..I..C..S..S..O..N. - Erection.
Another moment's silence from Vodacom, and suddenly the penny dropped.

Vodacom : Sir? Can you spell Salulah for me?

Customer : For sure. C..E..L...L..U..L..A...R. - Salulah.


ठरकि दादा said...

Ha ha ha ha great one !

Nepalean said...

While reading the post, what the female neame is Salulah? I was guessing this communication was taken in India or something.
Cellular is Salulah? funny one.
Be careful guys, you have troule too!

Anonymous said...

This otherwise hilarious post exhibits how an African English speaker may sound bizarre with his typical accent as highlighted in the case of 'Ericsson' and and 'Cellular' as 'erection' and 'Salulah'.


Nepalean said...

Oh, this is an african accent? I thougth it was from some part of India. Yeah its hilarous. I wonder in which part of the world this Voda fone is popular? Once I was traveling to nepal via England and I saw some commercial there. Thats why I thought some indian guy call voda fone in England.

It is really Hilarious. It looks like Ekalavy is now into English writing!

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