May 10, 2010

भविष्यबाणी सफल भयो - गुरु केदार बराल


bisham thakuri

I was born in Manshir 27, 2038, in Okhaldunga, Pokali. I still remember I was taken away by Lord Shiva’s assistant “Ban Jhakri” while I was of seven. I was in an unconscious state then. When I woke up, I found myself in a cascade. I was kept and trained on shamanism “dhami/jhakri”, spiritual connections, prediction, and spells for a year and then the Lord Shiva’s Assistant “ban jhakri” took me back to the same place from where he picked me a year back. After meeting my parents I came to know they tried to search me and after a while they thought I might have been dead and then they held my funeral as well. From this point of time I started working as a shaman “dhami/jhakri”.
At the age of fourteen I visited Kathmandu and joined an  institution to cure drug edicts, I also helped people search their loved ones who were displaced or lost. I successfully started curing people of different diseases who were not cured from allopathic treatment. At the age of sixteen I opened an institution named, “Ashram Nepal” with a mission to serve people who have mental, physical disease and many other problems that I could assist with, since then I have been serving human kind through religious and spiritual way. Through Ashram Nepal I have been providing information and trainings on shamanism “dhami/jhakri”. I feel glad to share you about my trainees; among my trainees thirty six of them have become very successful in opening their own institution in America, Japan, German, London, Malysia, and Nepal.

For me one of the memorable moments was to be able to cure sister in law “bhauju” of DIG Hem Gurung, she was hospitalized and the doctors were unable to cure her and declared her to be impossible to survive through the disease. I visited her in the hospital and was able to cure her. Another memorable incident was with a brother in law of the actor, Shiva Shrestha. His brother in law had a disease which made him shiver all the time. He was hospitalized in Teaching hospital. I visited him in the hospital and was able to cure him successfully.

Usually my predictions turn to be 100% true. Through Channel Nepal I had predicted about execution of the Royal Committee which turned to be true and we all know that today. I also predicted by saying king would rule over the country through someone outside the party in Ashoj 6, 2061, which would not last for more three years. In 2062 BC, I had an interview with Himalayan Times where I predicted informing Pashupati Shamsher’s party would divide and then the Ministry Board would be established for three times. There are several other predictions I made which have turned to be 100% true. I have also predicted about future
through Chanel Nepal, different FM, Radios and papers and magazines.

Other than my performance as a shaman “dhami/jhakri”, I have done lot of contribution to my society through social services. I have been able to contribute in the maintenance of the primary school in Pokali and in building it into a high school.

Right now with my own expense I have been providing education to forty orphans who have turn out to be a good students and who will prove to be future star of Nepal. On the daily basis from 7 am until 5pm I have been curing sufferers of different diseases. I have been honored and recognized by Gorkha Dakshin Bahu (2005), Government of Nepal, and I have also been Recognized by World Shaminism (2006), France. I have also been recognized as “Star of the Best Week”.

I have realized the trust and believe for religion and culture among the Nepalese people. Sometimes, I have also hear people saying

“how can a person who doesn’t see his own future be able to predict others?” It is true that हलि does not have his own land, but an individual who has been trained and blessed with an opportunity to learn from a “ban jhakri” lord Shiva’s assistant will be able to predict future. I love my country and my culture. I am in the United States since November 2007 on a mission to spread the religion and help people suffered from mental, physical diseases and other personal problems. I have been continuously predicting the future and preach prayers for human kind. I provide my service with free of cost for unaffordable ones while I charge NRS 100 per people to help them with their planet condition “graham dasha” and future prediction. I shall contribute to the human kind for rest of my life.

( गुरू केदार बरालको इमेलमा प्राप्त अन्तरबार्ता । केदार बराल दौंतरीमा नियमती सामाग्री प्रकाशित गर्नुहुन्छ।)


ठरकि दादा said...

अरु कुरा त्यस्तै हो र म गुरु केदार बरालले गर्नु भएको सामाजिक कार्यको दिलै देखि स्वागत र प्रशंसा गर्छु । तर यो 'भविश्यवाणी' के कसरी सम्भव हुन्छ भन्ने वारेमा भने मेरो मनमा सधैं प्रश्नचिन्ह रहेको छ ।

मैले आजसम्म देखेको कुरा यथार्थ यहाँ राख्ने हो भने प्राय: कुनै घटना घटी सकेपछि "मैले पहिल्यै यो कुरा भनिसकेको थिएँ", "यस्तो हुन्छ भनेर मलाई पहिलै थाहा थियो" वा "यस वारेमा मलाई पूर्वानुमान थियो" भन्ने भूतवाणीहरु मात्रै सुनेको छु ।

म कसैको अतिचेतन अवस्था वा छैठों ईन्द्रियको अवमूल्यन वा अनास्था गर्न चाहन्न तर यो लेखमा लेखेजस्तै हो भने म गुरु केदार बराल ज्यूलाई नेपालको निकट भविश्यको भविश्यवाणी गरेर मेरो हालसम्मको भविश्यवाणी सम्बन्धमा बनेको सोच गलत साबीत गरिदिनुहुन यहि थलोबाट आग्रह गर्दछु ।

Chandra Magar said...

म कसैको अतिचेतन अवस्था वा छैठों ईन्द्रियको अवमूल्यन वा अनास्था गर्न चाहन्न तर यो लेखमा लेखेजस्तै हो भने म गुरु केदार बराल ज्यूलाई नेपालको निकट भविश्यको भविश्यवाणी गरेर मेरो हालसम्मको भविश्यवाणी सम्बन्धमा बनेको सोच गलत साबीत गरिदिनुहुन यहि थलोबाट आग्रह गर्दछु ।
sry tharaki jee.. i have also the same request for him n all others !

Anonymous said...

While reading this I remembered a party given by "Columbus" after he had discovered America.

Condition is familiar.
I respect.

Anonymous said...

Ozon bro!
I just don understand wat is da similarity or link between dis post and Columbus's Party after discovery of America?

Biplab said...

Ho ni. kina columbus lai party diyeko? Ma ta bujna khojya khojai chhu.

Anonymous said...

यस्तो फण्टुस पोष्ट राखेर, दौँतरीले आँफूलाई हलुका नबनाएको भए जाति हुन्थ्यो कि !

आगे तपाईँहरूको मर्जी ।

Nepalean said...

मलाई पनि अब नेपालमा के हु्न्छ भन्ने जान्न मन लाग्यो। खोइ कसैले त जेठ १४ पछि नेपालमा पार्टीहरु बिच मारामार हुने स्थीती छ भन्थे। पार्टीहरु जे गरे पनि जनताहरु आरामसंग जिउन पाउन।

एनोमिनस जि कहिले कांही फरक धुन पनि रमाइलै हुन्छ। हैन र?

Rekha S said...

Very good Guru ji. Please keep it up!
Rekha S

Guru Kedar Baral said...

Thank you for bringing Nepalese closer to each other to exchange views and opinions and to lead forums where people can agree to disagree.

I have always read people's view and have enjoyed reading. As for Nepal's future, as far as I see, Nepal has a great future that shall not have much of today's dark days for ever. As for predicting future is concerned, there is a strong difference between Science and Superstition. I agree to the thoughts of being against superstition and believing in Science. World was not just created in mind. There is facts that supports Science. Future is no difference as past, just because all do not have that abilities to see ahead doesn't mean those who can should be claimed to be wrong.

It is however faith and belief you should have which may not necessarily be the one to positively believe in it.

With my skills that I have, I will be glad to meet anyone who I have done wrong, demanded money or have lived luxurious life. At all instance, I have always lead by an example to work for social cause, encouraged people to help those who are unfortunate, helped educate over 172 kids at Nepal, build schools, libraries, hospitals especially at Okhaldhunga, Nepal. While we shall continue to have common thoughts and differences, I urge you all to join hands to build our Nepal, for the sake of humanity for the sake of those who cannot. We are the future!

I can be reached at anytime,ys possible anywhere for anywa to help support for social work. Let us keep in touch.

Guru Kedar Baral

Nepalean said...

दौंतरी नभएर हो तर धेरै साथीहरु प्राय झुक्कीरहनु हुन्छ।

नेपालको भबिष्य अलि अंध्यारो देखीएकोले तपाइं संग नेपालकै भविष्यको बारेमा एउटा बल्ग लेख्न अनुरोध गर्ने सोच थियो, यसैमा लामो प्रतिक्रिया दिनुभएछ। गुरु जी प्रतिक्रिया जनाउनु भएकोमा धन्यबाद। कुनै समय मिलाएर नेपालको भबिष्य बारेमा दौंतरीमा लेख लेख्न अनुरोध गर्दछु।

ज्वतिष शास्त्रले पनि बिज्ञानका धेरै कुरा अबिलम्बन गरेको छ। लामा लामा दुर्बिनबाट गरिन हिसाब ज्योतिषले खरीमा झुलो कोरेर ग्रहण,नक्षत्र आदीका कुरा गर्दा मलाइ सधै अच्मित पार्ने गर्छ।

बिदेशमा रहेर नेपालको सेवा गर्नु पक्कै पनि ठुलो कार्य हो । तपाइको यो कामको सार्है सर्हाना गर्दछु।

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