March 2, 2011

Coffee Chat with Sweta Baniya

Dautari Blog invites various Nepalese bloggers in the section "Blog Bhitra Blog"(Blog inside a blog). It gives our blogger to express their blogging ideology. It also gives other bloggers  an opportunity to learn about our blogger friends. This time we have invited blogger Sweta Baniya from The Coffee House Revival.

1.How did you start your blog writing?
- Well, I had loved writing always and used to write journals in the Hi5 and and I felt like I need my own space in the web. Something that will be just mine and that’s why I felt like I need a blog for myself.

2. You have called your blog "A Coffee House". Do you really get freedom from a coffee shop?
- Yes, the title says it is not just a "coffee house", but also the revival of the coffee houses that were very much popular during the Eighteen Century in England. The Coffee Houses are regarded as one foundational base for the development of literature in the then time. During that time period people used to gather at the coffee houses and used to hold various kinds of intellectual talks.
Thus, I was trying to do something like that with some kind of freedom of expression.

3. You have introduced yourself in a complex way. Does it really tell you more about yourself or it does the opposite way?
- Well, the "About me" section ( also loved by many readers and friends) makes me more enigmatic. It is giving details and yet something remains hidden that people would have no grasp of. ( )

4. What is the major content of your blog?
- The main subject matter of my blog is certainly more literary. ( Well, I am not overrating it). It is just what I want to write. There are various genres in the blog like poem, fiction, monologue,book review, drama and movie review and sometimes it can be too personal as well. The subject matter is not just stuck to one thing. It is varied, like a collage.

5.You have so many dots(...) in your blog. Do these dots have some meaning?
- Umm, the dots are basically a kind of habit developed to hide things beneath it. Sometimes, it might have many hidden things and sometimes it acts as just a personal style which at times I found rubbish and I have been getting comments to remove it too.

6. What you used to think in the past? What is your thought about future?
- Well, in past it was just a passion to write on and on and on. Sometimes there used to be 2 or 3 posts a day. This is mainly because I had access to internet for more than 9 hours a day that time.
And, I admit that I used to write anything that came into my mind. However, I am thinking to make it more professional in a days to come.

7.How do you define beauty?
- Beauty, in writing ? Beauty is something that gives pleasure by seeing or by reading. In terms of writing, beauty can be achieved by practice, hard work and moreover writing more consciously too.

8.Are male and female equal? How are your female bloggers doing?
- In this case, I have nothing much to say. I don’t say we are more dominated. I have seen extremely wonderful. I can't make any judgment over this. But if you say mine, my status is quite poor because I rarely write now a days.

9. If you were a male, would your writing differ than what you have now?
- I don't have any idea to answer this question.

10. What is your favorite literature?
- I love Modernist and Post-modernist writings. There are many authors whose writing I admire. Basically, I am a great lover of Parijat and B.P Koirala's books.

11. If you were a given a minister post, which post would you have chosen?
- Well, I will choose to Education Department, I think Nepal needs to uplift education standard of
the nation.

12. How is your scooty doing?
- I skip this question too. It's too personal.

13. Are you satisfied with your blog writing?
- I am fully satisfied. I would like to retain its originality.

14.What is your thought about Dautari Blog?
- Well, Dautari is doing pretty much good work. Keep it up , I would say.

15. Is there anything you would like to add in this conversation?
- Thank you so much for this opportunity.


shrijana said...

I had just listen about the but today to read this interview (my friend)is a great for me. and I really liked it.

will be update with this blog and write more in future.

Nepalean said...

Thanks Shrijana for reading the blog. Infact it is not

NKM said...
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NKM said...

Sweta G, Happy Blogging!!!



Naanu said...

really good interview of my ex-colleague Sweta !!! Happy to read your interview .. you do blogging tooo....Oh ! you're so talented person love to see your success in coming days too...!!!

jack said...

ya it is really fantastic interview.

A Man said...

keep it up sweta.

joint pains said...

nice blog and great articles!

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