December 4, 2007

Fun like a Bandit

I am travelling away from my place however this morning I had a little time to go around nepali news. As usual, I made a glance at Kantipur Headlines. Wow! What is that? Just see the markup. Most of them are political news. Remaining news are about death and rape. Leave the death and rape news, its Nepalese fate and news paper agenda to sell paper. But look all those political news. Parties deadlock continues, parliament cannot proclaim republic, CA polls impossible etc. etc. Then what is possible?
Our country is in a trouble. Not doubt. Are we in the trouble due to one problem or many problems? If you ask moist, they would say we are in problem due to king. If you ask Congress, they would say maoists are the cause of problem. If you ask UML, it would be hard to guess since they are unclear and you might get vague answer or their answer might change after 24 hrs. Other small parties, lets not blame them because they have very little contribution to this instability. Please don’t count these small radical groups like Madhesi Mukti Morcha, they are mentally strong due to huge success of Maoist. Lets focus back to the problem. King, these days we don’t even have the impression that he has an existence. Maoist, they are in the parliament. So where is the source of problem? If you look at above news mark-up, it clearly answers every party is the source of the problem. Either they are trying to show their importance because they are not important or this moment is really fun time for them. But they are the one who screwed up. I think they are having fun time these days. They can get parliament without people's vote, they can be in government without people's mandate. They can change whatever they want. But believe me; these changes are just like changing a wrapper of a chocolate. Inside chocolate is same. Why Middle Marsyangdi is not completed after a half decade? Why country is being run without elected government for a half decade? Don’t say king messed up for some time. Does any remember immediate response after Sher Bahadur was sacked for the first time? Anyone can google back to that time and look at the news, they were confined in their own spaces but they never spoke for Sher Bahadur's government. They think their turn would come after him. In fact that was the people elected government. Why don’t they back up the old parliament and old government. Most faces are same from the present parliament except maoists. They can give the mandate to run new election. Or present government can run a new election. Why are they just stuck with CA poll which never gonna happen?
Is old constitution is so bad that we cannot change it? See you can change everything whatever you want, they proved themselves in this new parliament. So what is the deal with Constitution Assembly? Infact they don’t want to come towards people. I think coming towards people is more investment and less profit. Also it is a risky business. Everyone has to invest and only one can get benefit. I think if we reserve 5 seats from each voting area, they would come because there will be no fear to loose. So they will run this country forever because neither there is election nor there is law and order. YCL is equally legitimate like police force. Child never likes to grow up because there wont be so much fun after they grow up. Samething happened with our political force. Why they want to go to election since they are having fun like a bandit?


Postak_Shrestha said...

I don’t know why people are so biased about UML. “UML is vague or unclear or a party without stance” this is what they like to say about UML when they don’t find any solid points to criticize this party. Perhaps they like the stance that Maoists have taken. Perhaps they like the rigidity that NC exhibits. Perhaps, they like the chaos and political deadlock caused by the stances that the Maoists and NC have taken.
UML had once taken stand on some issues about the election system and the fate of monarchy but Girija warned that he would move on with the support of Maoists and that UML would be left out in the whole peace process. UML could have reiterated, but it would develop more confrontation. UML doesn’t want to be a component of the political deadlock. NC and Maoists are there for that “Great Job”.

ठरकि दादा said...

Actually I was also noticing the same thing from last few weeks, all of our news papers are full of such news that anyone not residing in Nepal may get scared to go back there.

I also do know that the situation is not as worse as the media is exaggerating but it is also true that all kind of havoc is happening in Nepal each day.

But whatever is happening I still have hope that if we are all united and no one plays a crooked game all these can be solved.

I am not afraid of with the problem itself but with the leaders who are the key person to solve it. AND LET ME BE CLEAR ENOUGH TO ALL :I DON'T SEE ANY CAPABLE LEADER IN NEPAL. लाग्छ नेपाल ट्रयाकमा आउन चमत्कार नै हुनुपर्ने हो की

Anonymous said...

perfect! they are singing and singing..
"party like a bandit
dance like a bandit
like a banditttttttt..."

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