June 20, 2009

English in public school?

The post Panchayat proliferation of the private schools in Nepal catalyzed the ever waning reputation and the number of students of public schools. Infrastructures and teaching methods may have some effect in general mass but the major reason is the use of lingua-franca of the world - English.Since then small private schools are burgeoning every day in Nepal. Whether it’s a private school with two rented rooms in a village or the large buildings in the suburb of valley, they are able to attract enough number of students to be profitable just by teaching courses in English. Parents wanted their sons and daughters to be fluent in English. More and more parents joined the bandwagon since then and the trend shows no sign of fading. So, if everybody wants it, why shouldn’t we use English as the primary language in public schools too?

Some people would get irk by the decision. But in my opinion, there won’t be any organized protest if such regulations would be established other than that of the Nepali Language Society. But it would definitely cause resentments in some people.
At first, even my thoughts were rent in twain. There was certain uneasiness. It was tough for me to vouch such rules in governmental level but at the same time it would have been utter hypocrisy to make others study in Nepali medium; whereas, I, myself studied in an English-medium school. Lawmakers and the intellects, most of them have relatively good disposable income, who are not in support of making English as a primary language would also put their offspring into the misnomer boarding schools of Nepal. So, why just the poor students should suffer the market biasness towards English fluency?
I have chosen uneasiness upon hypocrisy. What would you?


प्रबिण थापा said...

I m agrees with you but we should not forget to give most priority towards nepali language, i think it should be better to give equal priority English language also in the public school or it must give opportunity to choose language to these students who they r intrested in foreign language as an optional course after elemantary level.

Nepalean said...

This article was in draft mode for a long time. While reviewing dautari articles, I found this one floating in our database. With couple of glance I found it was a complete article so I decided to publish.
However I did not read complete article till now.
I agree partially with the english influence and student performance of private boardings over government schools. When students work are graded, material in english has been awarded more than the material in nepali though both have same content.
But this linguistic influence is not even 10%. If you tell me so, why the average performance in Math in government school is way below average? Math doesn't have any language. But still government schools are under performing this area.
I would point the hindrance of government school is unprofessional teaching. Like in other government offices, teaching has been performed in government schools. In result, like poor service in government offices, we get poor result in government school.
Maverick I don't know how often you visit dautari these days, I would like to have feed back regarding your writing and my comment which are partially have same idea.

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