June 17, 2024

How do you rescue a person from Mount Everest?

Mount Everest, the height place on earth. What happens if you get stuck there? 

Well there is no road or airport. If you are immbackpackobalized, only way to get you back is on somebody's back. Just like a back pack, a person has to be carried down the the base camp for further help.

Here is one example how a Malaysian climber got rescued from Mount Everest. 

A Malaysian climber narrowly survived after a Nepali sherpa guide hauled him down from below the summit of Mount Everest in a "very rare" high altitude rescue, a government official said on Wednesday. Gelje Sherpa, 30, was guiding a Chinese client to the 8,849 metre (29,032 feet) Everest summit on May 18 when he saw the Malaysian climber clinging to a rope and shivering from extreme cold in the area called the "death zone," where temperatures can dip to minus 30 degrees Celsius (86F) or lower.


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