October 4, 2009

Google's logo inspired or copied from Olympics?

First modern Olympics was held on 776 BC. Since then Olympics has been played in every four years. There were some interruptions in the game due to war and other political reasons. Today Olympics has been the biggest moment for non-professional players.
Why would professional Google come into play in this non-professional event? It might have done some sponsoring, doodling or some other thing. But if you compare the logo of Google and Olympics; you will find how Google is related with Olympics. Both logo designs are very similar.

Olympics logo has five rings which was designed by Baron Pierre de Coubertin in 1913. Interlaced blue, yellow, black, green, red rings represent 5 continents coming together for the game. If you look at the Google logo, it has four colors. Only color missing from Olympics logo is black. Again if you look at the pattern, starting color and ending color matches with Olympics logo. Blue at first, red at last and yellow and green in the middle.

Ruth Kedar who designed the current logo said Google ended up using primary colors in their logo but she didn't say how? Sergey Brin in 1998 created a computerized version of the Google letters. The difference between present logo and Sergey Brin's computerized logo is, his letters were fatter than existing logo. Another extra thing it had was exclamation (!) mark. In fact they were mimicking yahoo which still carries an exclamation mark at the end.

This clearly indicates Google was trying to mimic something that was already well established. We know the exclamation mark came from yahoo, but where these primary colors and their pattern came from? I bet they mimic the Olympics logo. But we do not know the true answer unless Ruth, Sergey or Larry tell about this.
Isn't it pretty easy to solve the puzzle after this comparison?
(Logo of Olympics,Google and Yahoo have been used for comparison only)


NKM said...

As I understand, Google Logo has always been more creative than Yahoo or MSN logos.
See the whole list and description here.

Aakar said...

Agree with Nabin Sir.

ठरकि दादा said...

Interesting !

Jotare Dhaiba said...

Really interesting. But there is no any edge to say Google ended up using primary colors of Olympic. Design can be copied and can be accused. But not in colors. No need to copy for creative pocket like google.

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