November 4, 2008

Halloween and Ryan

By Himal_Paari

"Why do you guys celebrate Halloween?" I asked this question to Ryan while he was driving his car and I was at the passenger seat right next to him. He looked at my face for a second and started looking at the road while he was driving. Halloween.........let me think why do we celebrate it........he mumbled for a while trying to remember as if he knew the answer and then replied back to me, I seriously do not know why we celebrate Halloween. It was Thursday before last Thursday that I asked this question to him while I was taking ride with him after work to take a Solid Works class. He is a very fun guy who likes to talk. He was saying me that he and his girlfriend were preparing costume to wear on the night of Halloween to participate in dance competitions organized by local bars at Rice Lake.

This question suddenly came out of my mouth as if I wanted to know how much a typical American guy knows about the reason behind celebrating his festival.

It was last Thursday when I was again taking ride with him after work for the class. He said me, "I asked to a group of people in lunch-room today the question you asked me". "What question?" I turned towards him with a little surprise. "The question about Halloween, and you know what, nobody knew why we celebrate Halloween." I saw a big smile on his face as if he has just conquered an Everest and he was saying me, "see, I am not the only guy who does not know it."

"Me and my girlfriend won the Halloween costume contest last Friday in the bar", Ryan shouted from his cubicle this morning. I looked towards his cubicle with big smile on my face with an exclamatory remarks, ........"r..e..a..l..l..y?" Yes! he nodded his head with a pride in his face. Jack peeked from his cubicle with his usual laughing style and asked Ryan, "Did What did you win?" We won sixty-bucks and finished it within ten minutes buying drink for ourselves and for friends, Ryan replied. I remember that Ryan was telling me that he won the costume-contest last year too. Congratulations Ryan, you won it this year too. Even though you do not know the reason behind celebrating the Halloween, you are following your tradition. Congratulations Ryan for following your tradition and for winning the contest!!


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