April 10, 2023

ChatGPT, write me a college essay?

After hearing so much buzz about ChatCPT, an AI search engine (https://openai.com/), I asked ChatGPT, write me a college essay. Here is what Chat GPT gave me:    

Prompt: Describe a significant experience or achievement that has had a meaningful impact on your life.

Throughout my life, I have always been passionate about helping others. This passion has led me to pursue opportunities that allow me to make a positive impact in my community. One such opportunity was my involvement in a service project during my junior year of high school.

The service project involved working with a local non-profit organization that provides food and shelter to homeless individuals in our community. My role was to assist with meal preparation and serve food to the homeless individuals who came to the shelter. Initially, I was nervous about working with the homeless population, as I had never interacted with them before. However, my fears quickly dissipated as I got to know the individuals who came to the shelter.

What struck me the most was the resilience and strength of the individuals I worked with. Despite their difficult circumstances, they maintained a positive attitude and were grateful for the little things in life. This experience taught me the importance of empathy and compassion, and inspired me to continue volunteering with the non-profit organization.

Through this service project, I also discovered a newfound passion for cooking. I found joy in preparing meals for the homeless individuals and seeing the smiles on their faces when they enjoyed the food. This experience motivated me to start cooking at home and experimenting with different recipes.

The service project had a significant impact on my life, as it opened my eyes to the realities of poverty and homelessness in our community. It also helped me develop important skills such as empathy, communication, and teamwork. Most importantly, it ignited a passion in me for helping others and inspired me to pursue a career in social work.

In conclusion, my involvement in the service project was a transformative experience that has had a lasting impact on my life. It taught me the importance of empathy, compassion, and resilience, and inspired me to pursue a career in social work so that I can continue to make a positive impact in my community.


Anonymous said...

Well now anyone can write a college essay, even a kindergartner. LoL

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