July 15, 2008

Eat Non-veg -- Be Healthy!

If you are thinking that I am trying to impose my personal idea and trying to justify my own likes and dislikes by this post, you are wrong!

I think all of us may have heard more than enough claims and statements which goes against Non-veg diet. And may have read so many of research and test results; providing proves and evidence about the harmfulness of meat and other Non- veg foods.

But! a recent survey conducted by Delhi (Indian) doctors has proved that eating fish and meat regularly substantially reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases like heart attack and strokes.

According to the studies, those who only eat vegetarian food, face deficiency of Vitamin B12 (which is available in plenty in Non-veg food) and this is one of the reason behind cardiovascular diseases.

Not only this!, according to the lead researcher of the study, Dr. Garg, Vitamin B12 deficiency increases the levels of homocysteine, an amino acid. And if the body poses a higher level of homocysteine, it increases the chance of blood clotting, which squeezes the blood vessels. And as the result, it decrease the flow of blood supply to the brain which may cause stroke.

Well believe it! it was disclosed after a close study of observation and records of about 5000 patients over the last five years. And furthermore the report says “even those who consume Non-vegetarian food occasionally are not protected. The risk in vegetarian is four times higher than in Non-vegetarians”

Confused? ! well if you are confused and are in dilemma to take a decision about to be vegetarian or Non-vegetarian, do not panic….just keep on eating what you have been consuming over past years…Because another research and studies carried over some other part of the world may prove it wrong again!.


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holy moly i m veg.

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