December 30, 2007

नया बर्षको प्रण

२००७ ले बिदा लिएर २००८ आउन लाग्यो। प्रत्यक बर्षमा दु:खका कुरा पनि हुन्छन, सुखका कुरा पनि हुन्छन, कति मुर्ख काम पनि गरिन्छ कति असल काम पनि गरिन्छ। हामी सब भन्दा बिकसित जनाबर भए पनि कहिले काहि हाम्रा नजिका पुर्खाको बानि ब्यहोरा पनि झुल्किहाल्छ।
सबभन्दा खुसी त यो सालले हामीलाइ दौतरीमा बाध्यो। यो एउटा असल सामाजिक अभ्यास जस्तो लाग्छ। सबै मिलेर यसलाइ निरन्तरता दिदैं जाउ ताकी दौतरी बर्षौ बर्ष स्पष्ट तथा सही बिचार राख्ने थलो होस।
नया बर्ष संगै नया बर्षको प्रण गर्ने बहाना पनि धेरैलाइ मिल्छ। करिब करिब सबै मिडियामा नया बर्षको झिलिमिलि र कस्ले के प्रण गरे यस्तै यस्तै छाइराखेको हुन्छ। प्रण गर्नु निस्च्य नै राम्रो हो, यस्ले जिबनलाइ नया बाटोमा डोर्याउछ। प्राय प्राय सबैले नया बर्षको प्रण गर्छन तर तथ्याकंमा ४०% मात्रैले आफ्नो प्रणमा राख्न सफल हुन्छन, ल भन्नुहोस त तपाइ ४० मा पर्नु भो कि ६० मा?
चुरोट महंगो तर धुवा मात्र, तान्यो उडायो कता हो कता, सास गनाउने फेरि स्वस्थ्यलाइ त्यस्तै हानी। यसो सोंचें के काम यस्को? २००७ मा छोड्ने प्रण गरे। सायद नया बर्षको पहिलो प्रण हो यो मेरो। गज्जब भयो, ठ्याक्कै एक बर्ष भएछ चुरोट नछोएको। फेरी नया साल आएको छ, प्रणको बहाना लिएर।
तपाइ पनि नया बर्षको प्रण गर्नुहोस, नया बर्षको धेरै धेरै शुभकामना।


Anonymous said...

Here is one resolution from yahoo.
What New Year resolution would you like to see job-seekers make in 2008?
Improve Your Skills
Professionals should resolve to continue enhancing their skill sets and marketability. Start by determining where you want to be at the end of 2008 and list action steps you'll need to take to achieve your objective. Also identify the attributes in short supply in the marketplace, and build your abilities in these areas. This will help you not only stand out during the job search but also thrive once you're on the job. By continually strengthening your abilities and gaining new expertise, you will move forward on the road to success.
-- DeLynn Senna, executive director of North American permanent placement services, Robert Half International
Stick With Your Values
Seek out an organization that has the culture and values that are important to you. All too often, we focus on the job itself and don't pay enough attention to the organization. If you're starting a job search in 2008, make a commitment to find an organization that aligns with your personal needs. In the long term, you'll be much happier in your new role and a greater asset to your organization.
-- Janice Renock, vice president of North American recruiting, the Capital Group Companies
Do Not Burn Bridges
Do not let a company check your references and make you an offer if you know you will not take the job. It leaves a very negative impression about your professionalism and intentions. Every person you meet in your job search is a new connection and you mustn't burn bridges in the process. Today's interviewer could be tomorrow's employer, customer, or competitor.
-- Lindsay Olson, partner, Paradigm Staffing
Present Like a Pro
Join your industry association and volunteer to be a greeter at the next event so that you can meet all the movers and shakers in your field. Join a local Toastmaster's Club and learn how to present like a pro. By the end of the year you just may be the featured speaker at your next industry association event. Invite your boss to the event and see what happens at review time!
-- Cheryl Ferguson, recruiter, The Recruiter's Studio
Align With Your Strengths
I would like to see job-seekers stand for happiness in the job by searching for a job that corresponds with their strengths and personality. We see that's where it goes wrong. Do not accept jobs (or colleagues) that do not correspond with who you are. Furthermore do not engage in activities that are not aligned with your strengths.
-- Yves Lermusi, CEO, Checkster
Speak Up!
Don't be afraid to say to the recruiter that something's not working or talk about concerns or questions that you have. Even if you've decided that you don't like something about the company, the role, or the process, it behooves you to communicate that as clearly as you know how. And I want to echo my statement from last year: Hold out for your dream job. Either you'll find it or it may find you!

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